5 Best Romantic Things to do in Kochi at Night

Kochi is a very beautiful place, located in Kerala- the land of the lords. Known for their backwaters, some gorgeous views and boat rides, Kochi gets you excited for a quaint and fun-filled vacation. Honeymooners also consider it as one of the primary choices to embark on their married life. In fact, Kochi offers a lot more that eyes can see. From buildings splurging in architectural beauty to coastlines that enthral you with their gushing sounds, there is so much that makes Kochi worthy of considering for a honeymoon destination.

Now that you have opted for a couple tour package in Kerala, it is time to jot down an itinerary that promises a memorable trip and have a look at some reviews for Kerala trips to make the memory a perfect one. And while you can definitely go for the obvious choices like revelling in the backwaters, trying out water sports and clicking some photos, here we are enlisting some of the simple and sweet things that you can take up. And trust me they will make your trip even more special. So read on to know more.

  1. A Refreshing Stroll at Marine Drive – There can be nothing more amazing than having a night stroll alongside the marine drive that offers views of the architectural beauty of the landscape of Kochi. Stretched across a span of 1.75 kilometres on the backwaters of Kerala, Marine drive stands as the popular destination amongst tourists and locals alike. Just a simple stroll will leave you refreshed and energized. You can also sit back, relax and take some photographs that this place has to offer. The radiant ambience at the location is probably the highlight that attracts everyone here. And the best part is that you can visit here anytime, though nights are the most amazing hours, as there is less crowd here.
  2. Cultural Shades Unfold in Kathakali Performance- Kathakali, the popular dance of Kerala is native to this place that glories this art form in a unique manner. Ideally, depicting a story through the channel of dance with colour coded expression, colourful attire including headwear and some ravishing hasta mudra’s makes Kathakali of vital importance. Picking up verses from our traditional manuscripts makes the stories even more compelling. Witnessing this rich dance in its unadulterated form is one the best things you can do when here. Book in a show, which are generally organized in the evening hours between 5 to 8 pm and immerse yourself in the rich traditions of Kerala.  You should also check out some reviews of Thrillophilia if you are planning to book the tour from them.
  3. Appreciate Art at Kashi Art Café- A lovely evening with some refreshing coffee, surrounded by glorious forms of arts. Does it sound exciting to you? Then Kashi Art Café is your ideal choice. Tastefully crafted art form, interspersed with interiors that are a feast for the eyes, welcomes you to a cosy abode you will love hanging out. Attracting photographers, painters and art lovers alike, you will get to meet many like-minded people who appreciate art while sipping coffee. Open from 8:30 in the morning till 10 pm in the night, Kashi Art Café invites all creative minds to embark on some hours of pure bliss.
  4. Dinner by the Promenade at Bubble Café- A café that extends itself into an elegant room with interiors that are eye pleasing, Bubble Café deserves a visit once in a lifetime. Dinner by the Promenade offers multi-cuisine catering to all taste buds. The food is exquisitely served with refreshing beverages for giving you a rounded well-off experience. You can also view the mesmerizing backwaters here, while chomping on your food. The café also includes an attractive menu and the costing perfectly justifies the experience it promises to levy.
  5. Flavoured Shisha at Sandunes- Do you get lured looking at Middle easter life that depict laid back sand dunes, with Arabs smoking away the hookah? Now you can experience this in the land of lords. Welcome to Sandunes lounge that speaks of an ambience akin to that of the desserts, alongside offering a menu that matches the authentic Arab style food. What makes the lounge more appealing is the in house Flavoured Shisha it offers that attracts most of the youngsters here. In fact, if you wish to spend an exciting nightlife here, spending hours with Shisha in the Sandunes can be one of your choices.

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