Back to Work This Fall With Your Bike, 2022

If you haven’t looked at the improvements in new bicycles recently, a glance will likely surprise and please you. For bike commuters, the positive options involve everything from lightweight, ergonomic designs to the latest in e-bike technology. Whisper-quiet motors and simple-to-use charging equipment make commuting to and from work or school easier than ever before.

While both men and women have attractive options, a quick look at electric bikes for women shines a spotlight on this market segment. A large selection of bike models offers choice in the most critical areas:

  • Bike frame styles from easy step-through to larger tire size
  • Riding styles from hybrid, commuter, cruiser and comfort
  • Terrain capabilities for the path to the trail to the city
  • Color options from burgundy to sea foam green to lime green

The right model gives you increased comfort and enhanced safety. It can also provide distance from some of the frustrations of the rat race.

Avoid the Astronomical Gas Prices With An Electric Bike

Of course, electric bikes will drastically reduce your commuting costs. Not only will your bike cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, but you also won’t have to wait in line at the gas station nor will you have to pay the going rate for gas. All of this makes you a pretty savvy commuter at this moment in time. Consider these intriguing options for your next electric bike:

  • The Around the Block 500W
  • The new Every Journey 500W
  • The Reach Your Destination 500W
  • The Every Journey 250W Tricycle
  • The Paven’Trail 500W
  • The Body Ease 500W

For those with shorter commutes, Dutch style bikes for sale might make sense. These models emphasize comfort and they can also carry gear in a basket on the front, perfect for taking a lunch or carrying some school books. An ergonomic frame with upright seating and handlebars takes the stress off the shoulders and the lower back. A solid front suspension will handle the bumps in the road. These bikes make excellent choices for running errands in town, such as a quick trip to the grocery store.

The Ease of Bike Battery Charging & Replacements

If you resist a new electric bike over concerns about dealing with unfamiliar technology, you will find that mastering the ins and outs of the battery and motor just takes a little time and knowledge. For example, the electric bike battery removal process only has a few steps. This allows for the replacement of old batteries as well as removal during certain transportation scenarios or charging situations. In most cases, you need a key to remove the battery, as the battery is locked in place for safety.

With batteries integrated right into the frame, the process becomes more complicated and could require the services of a bike mechanic. Charging the battery involves plugging the battery into an electrical charging station, and you can do this while it is on the bike or while it is off the bike. When buying an e-bike make sure you understand the specific requirements for removing and replacing the battery.

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