Everything you need to know about Delta 9 Edibles

Hi, and welcome to Delta 9 Edibles! What are Delta 9 Edibles?

We’re one of the first companies to combine THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana) with candy flavors. We’re not just any old candy company, though. We’re a family-run business with a long history of producing high-quality, carefully-crafted candies. Our products have won awards, including the Good Humor Grand National Championship—which is a pretty big deal.

Our products come in chocolate, gummy and hard candy form. We offer different types of cannabis in all of our products: flower, tincture, concentrate, oil and even shatter.

Does Delta 9 THC get you high?

Delta 9’s THC is derived from Colorado’s green market. It’s hand-trimmed and tested for quality assurance—so you can be sure it’s pure and meets the standards set by the Colorado Department of Revenue Law Enforcement Division (CLED).

Is Marijuana Legal?

In Colorado we have legalized recreational marijuana for all adults over 21; however, it’s still illegal under federal law. If you live elsewhere but want to try our products regardless—we urge you to learn more about your state laws before doing so. All our products are available

What are Delta 9 Edibles?

Delta 9 THC is a type of cannabinoid that gets you high and is included in powerful edibles and capsules. Delta 9 THC is a high-quality, professionally produced type of product that contains 99% delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a terpene oil derived from hemp. Delta 9 THC products are intended for consumption orally or sublingually, but can be used in any manner that would allow them to enter the body through the mouth.

Does Delta 9 THC get you high?

Delta 9 THC does not get you high—in fact, it’s completely non-psychoactive. Delta 9 THC is great for adults who want to increase their daily intake of cannabinoids under the supervision of a physician, but it is not appropriate for use by persons under the age of 21.

Is Marijuana Legal?

Marijuana is legal in Canada and federally legal in Canada. In addition to this, the Canadian government has recently announced plans to legalize marijuana for recreational use, which will happen on October 17th, 2018.

Delta 9 is a marijuana edible weed manufacturer based out of Denver, CO. They make a variety of edibles, including cookies and candies, and are the first to introduce THC-infused hard candies. These products are designed to mimic the experience of smoking cannabis, but without having to actually smoke it. Delta 9 was founded by two brothers in 2013.

They started with making oil extracts for medicinal purposes (which were then sold in dispensaries)

They noticed that many patients were trying to quit smoking cigarettes but had trouble doing so because they couldn’t find a similar product that wasn’t toxic or overstimulating

Delta 9 creates THC-infused products that are clean and taste pretty good

Does Delta 9 THC get you higher than THC?

No! Delta 9’s products contain exactly the same amount of THC as any other edible company

Marijuana is legal in California and Colorado as of January 1, 2014. In Washington State, it became legal on December 6th, 2012.

Delta 9 Edibles are the most potent marijuana products in the market.

Delta 9 THC gets you high, but not at all like it does with regular marijuana.

Delta 9 is safe and legal, and you don’t have to smoke it, vape it, or eat it to get high.

Delta 9 candies and chocolates are made from all natural ingredients that are free of preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, tree nuts, and peanuts. All of their products are 100% vegan and lactose free.

Does Delta 9 THC get you high? No. Delta 9 THC-infused products are designed to be eaten slowly so the effects can build over time. Whatever you feel when you eat our product will depend on how much you take in your first time eating them… which we hope will be in small doses. Keep in mind that it takes 7-10 hours to feel the full effect of Delta 9 THC-infused products. Is Marijuana Legal? Yes! Marijuana is legal at the federal level in America since 2014; however each state has different laws surrounding marijuana use. Visit this website for more details on legalization

What if you could enjoy the subtle buzz of edibles without the smell or paranoia?

Delta 9 is a cannabis company who makes a variety of tasty, clean products that do not get you high

Delta 9 products are THC-free, but they still make you feel happy and relaxed

Delta 9 products are known for their complex flavors that taste like real food

Delta 9 doesn’t get you high, so it’s ideal for new cannabis users who want to feel good

We’ve been developing a line of THC-free edibles using the same delicious flavors as our other products, but without the high. The goal is to provide a new experience to cannabis users who either want to stay away from that whole getting high thing or just want to try something different. Delta 9 will only be adding these new products to our catalog, so it won’t be long before you can enjoy them in your own home. And don’t worry: Delta 9 will continue to produce all of our other popular lines we offer today.

Delta 9 is a line of THC gummies, infused edibles, and tinctures. Delta 9 takes a no-bullshit approach to cannabis education and delivery—no wackadoo theories or woozy conspiracies. What they do have is a lot of science, human testing, and clinical research to back up their claims.

Delta 9 has been around for over a decade (originally called Delta 9 Bio Tech) and has been in the business of educating people about cannabis products since 2009. They’re not just selling some stuff to smoke—they have an established, accredited facility where they create products that are formulated based on scientific research and human testing.

So what’s the next step for Delta 9? As you might imagine, getting people to try their products isn’t easy. They spend a lot of time working with physicians and caregivers to help people see the value in cannabis products, and they’re now taking that work even further by creating cannabis infused edibles and tinctures specifically designed for those who don’t want to smoke. These products are more delicious than traditional edibles, but still come with the same benefits like pain relief and anti-inflammation due to the presence of CBD.


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