Factors to Consider When Buying a 45lb Plate

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a 45lb plate. These factors include weight and size consistency, noise reduction, and price. The Troy plate is made with a cast iron mould and machine-milled to a consistent size and weight. It has a smooth surface and is IWF/IPF regulation diameter. It is compatible with a variety of other plates.

450mm diameter

Troy premium plates are the classic 450mm diameter, deep-dish plates that we’ve all grown accustomed to. When dropped, they feature a 2″ stainless steel centre insert that conforms to the bumper’s shape. These plates are consistently accurate to +/ 0.5 lb. They have been tested for over 20,000 drops from 6 feet.

The 450mm diameter makes them ideal for the heavy-duty gym or home use. With an 88 Shore A Durometer rating, these plates are made to withstand drops from overhead positions and ego bar slams after achieving a new personal record. They meet International Weightlifting Federation specifications and come with a +/ 1% weight tolerance.

Noise reduction

The Vulcan Alpha bumper plate reduces noise by 25% when dropped from 9 feet. This makes it comparable to high-end bumper plates. Another feature of the Alpha is its unique fleck pattern. The design is based on the IWF colour scheme. The Rogue Alpha bumper plate is also designed to reduce noise but lacks the versatility of the Vulcan Alpha.


The accuracy of a 45lb plate is the same as a 45-pound plate with a grip. These are machined with precision to ensure the weight is accurate. While inaccurate plates are prone to deviate from the substantial weight, they are usually lighter. Troy plates are an excellent example of calibrated plates. They take advantage of good processes in casting and milling to achieve a perfect size and weight. These plates are accurate to within 2% of the marked weight.

The 45 lb Olympic plate is sold in pairs. They are made in the USA and are machined to precise tolerances. This means the 45lb plate will be within 1% of the stated weight. Each plate has a 2-inch centre hole to ensure a tight fit on an Olympic barbell.


When shopping for a 45lb plate, consider its features and durability. It should be made of quality materials that withstand regular wear and tear. In addition to this, it should also be easily portable. If you’re on a tight budget, look for used or refurbished models.

The cost of a 45lb plate is generally under $200. Its accuracy is also guaranteed to be within 2%. Bo’s weights are better quality than generic weight plates you can buy from Alibaba. This manufacturer’s complete set of weights runs around $1,300, but a single plate costs less than $200.

The 45lb plate has a relatively low price. It’s available individually or as a set of two, weighing anywhere from 2.5lbs to 45lbs. Moreover, it’s available in stock, which means it’s inexpensive to purchase.

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