Honeymooning in Dehradun

The last few months have been very disheartening for my husband and me because of the present worldwide situation. In January, we got married but had to postpone our honeymoon due to our work commitments and Covid-19. It was all very hectic, so we decided to postpone our honeymoon for a month or two.

Finally, when we got off from work, we thought it was the right time to plan our honeymoon to spend some quality time together. So, we started planning to go on a honeymoon and even booked our trip by hiring a reliable Delhi to Dehradun car rental service. We were so excited to finally spend time with each other away from all-day stress and hustle. But as the date was approaching, the lockdown was declared, and all the borders shut down for Delhites. And everything went in the drain!

But, after the lockdown, we again made plans, and we were so resolute that we would go on our honeymoon to Dehradun for sure this time. This time we succeeded in taking the trip, and it was a lot of fun. The journey itself was joyful with my other-better half.

Week 1

When we reached Dehradun, I was so mesmerized by the beauty of the city. I had never been to a hill station or area surrounded by mountains or hills. It was all a blissful new experience. Our honeymoon suite was also at the centre of the city, at a reasonable cost, making it even more feasible to visit the most famous sights. We kick-started our honeymoon ride by seeking blessings from God by visiting some famous temples there such as Tapkeshwar Mahadev Mandir and Shiv Mandir Hathibarkala. The atmosphere there was peaceful and the environment beautiful. Just like that, all the stress and worries were gone, like we never really felt it.

We spent time together in our room, talking about all the beautiful things and reminiscing about our time together. We had not seen such sights in such a long time, and on this trip we were taken aback by the landscape of Dehradun. We visited various famous cafes and restaurants as well and had memorable candlelight dinners. The food and service at our hotel were incredible.

Week 2

Our first week went like the most beautiful time we had spent in a long time. We were enjoying ourselves during all our walks, visits, and meals.

In the second week, my husband planned a surprise for me at the most prominent restaurant in Dehradun by booking it just for us. I loved the surprise and the time we spent together. Oh! And the utterly delicious, authentic food of Deradhun is the best.

After that, we visited Sahastradhara. It was a beautiful picnic spot with breathtaking views of the water. We also visited Lachhiwala. After that, we went to a park and spent quality time together playing games and talking.

I always had a thing for adventure sports like hiking and paragliding. And, this is why we went to a place called Maldevta, which was quite famous for hiking and paragliding. The experience was glorious, and the essence of paragliding with the love of my life, divine. I would recommend it to all.

Final thoughts

The two weeks we spent in Dehradun on our honeymoon, we had a lot of fun. The environment and scenery all around were breathtakingly beautiful. Our journey back was full of emotions, and the roadtrip availing a top-rated Delhi taxi service summed it up pretty perfectly.

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