How to Juice in a Safe and Effective Way


Getting your body ready is essential before embarking on a juice fast. Detox symptoms might make you feel ill if you begin your fast from an unhealthy diet.

In order to properly prepare for your fast, we propose that you switch to a healthier diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables instead of your typical fare. It’s also a good idea to stick to smaller serving sizes and eat just until you’re full. It’s also a good idea to do some light exercise every day and make sure you’re getting enough of liquids to keep your system clean.

Fasting may cause nausea, intense hunger, exhaustion and other unpleasant side effects if you don’t plan beforehand. If you are looking for Juice cleanse the Netherlands, please visit our website.


To ensure that you are well-prepared in the kitchen during your juice fast, it is a good idea to plan up your meals ahead of time. Using our Juicing Companion book, you can learn about the best fruits and vegetables to use in your juicer based on your own health requirements.


Juice fasting may result in weight reduction since it lowers the caloric intake of a person’s diet. That’s fantastic, isn’t it? Well, cutting down on calories might put you in perilous terrain. After going without your favourite meals for a long length of time, you may feel the desire to reward yourself. Some of the beneficial advantages of a fast may be hindered if you have this mentality. For more info, please visit Dutch company Sapje.

Deficiency in Protein

Aside from helping us stay full, our bodies need protein to do everything from keep our muscles strong to help develop new ones. Fruits and vegetables are poor in protein and might leave us feeling satiated while possibly reducing our muscular growth. Juicing may be dangerous, but it can be avoided by making sure to include a lot of protein-rich vegetables in your juices.

Making a Hasty Decision

Prior to embarking on a juice fast, you should begin carefully. In order to do this, you’ll need to substitute one of your meals with a fresh-pressed juice. It’s better to go into juicing gradually rather than go cold turkey, which may leave you depleted and hungry.

Make Wise Selections When It Comes to Fruits and Vegetables

Organic fruits and vegetables have a reduced concentration of pesticides, making them ideal for juice fasting. Organic foods have better antioxidant levels and 50% less heavy metals than conventionally farmed foods, in addition to using fewer pesticides. It is important to think about the pesticides in your meals while just drinking juice made from fresh fruits and vegetables.

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