How to Prepare for Splendour in the Grass Festival, Australia

Splendour in the Grass is an amazing music festival, and if you’re going to make the trip all the way to Australia for it, it’s worth spending time and making sure that you have a plan for your time there. This includes buying tickets well in advance, booking your flights, arranging transportation, and sorting out where you’ll be staying while you’re there. If you do all of this beforehand, then when the day comes that you land at Gold Coast airport with all your friends, you’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief and get excited about diving into one of Australia’s best festivals.

Plan ahead and buy tickets in advance

Splendour in the Grass Festival is one of Australia’s most popular music festivals. It attracts more than 40,000 people each year, and tickets sell out quickly due to the high demand. To avoid disappointment, it is best to buy your tickets as soon as they go on sale (usually in March or April).

To make sure you get a safe ticket:

  • Check that the website has a secure connection (look for HTTPS)
  • Don’t buy tickets from scalpers or on the street—the only place where you can get an original Splendour in the Grass Festival ticket is through Ticketmaster.

Find a place to stay

If you want to get the most out of Splendour in the Grass, it’s important that you find a place to stay. This can be tricky, as there are many locations from which to choose and each one will have its pros and cons. If you want easy access to the venue and other festival necessities, for example, then staying close by might be ideal. On the other hand, if you prefer proximity to shops or restaurants then booking something in town may be preferable. Moreover, there are also eco-resorts and treehouses in Byron Bay to stay in if you want to explore the area before or after the music festival.

You may also consider using TripAdvisor reviews when selecting your accommodation – after all, they have hundreds of thousands of them.

Organize your transportation

The next step is to organize your transportation. You have several options:

●  Use a car service

You can hire an Uber or taxi to drive you around the festival grounds. These services can be pricey, but they’ll get you safely where you need to go without having to worry about parking or finding your way back home at night when everyone is drunk and disoriented.

●  Use public transport

If public transportation is available near Splendour’s location, take advantage of it. People love being able to say that they took their first trip on a tram, bus, trolley or ferry in Australia’s major cities and towns—and this makes for great stories later on down the road (provided nobody vomits all over them). Public transportation will also help keep things cheap: unless there are special events going on around town during Splendour—like showings at nearby cinemas—there won’t be any additional costs aside from those associated with getting tickets for the event itself.

●  Taxi or ride-share apps services

Take a taxi or ride-share apps services such as Lyft or Uber instead of driving yourself into town so that if things get messy later on in life (especially if someone vomits all over your clothes), there won’t be any hard feelings because both parties were responsible adults who made good choices while making sure not waste money unnecessarily.”

Budget for spending

Money. It’s the most important thing to budget for. There are so many ways to make money quickly for your music festival savings. Before the event starts, you may plan on the daily budget setting, hidden costs, and emergency funds wisely. When the time comes and you are well prepared, you can have fun and worry less about any unexpected incident that may occur.

Accordingly, you need to wear comfy shoes and pack extra socks, as you may end up walking a lot if you’re going to see your favourite band perform in a big field. If you plan on buying food or drinks at the festival, bring cash because there will be ATMs available but they often charge high fees. You may also want to consider travel insurance in case something happens while you’re away from home.

With food and drink expenses, your body needs fuel to survive, so make sure you have enough money set aside for meals and snacks throughout the weekend (or days depending on how long it takes). This includes breakfast and lunch before heading out into nature for some music and fun times. Some people like bringing their own snacks with them; others prefer purchasing food from vendors at the festival grounds instead of having an empty stomach by mid-afternoon when everyone’s had too much beer already.

Pack appropriate clothing

  • Pack a raincoat and umbrella. The weather in Byron Bay can change in a matter of minutes, so it’s always good to be prepared. If you’re staying on-site, there will be many dry shelters where you can seek refuge if needed.
  • Pack sunscreen and insect repellent as well as sunglasses and hats with brims to protect your skin from harsh sun rays and bugs alike.
  • Bring a sweater or light jacket for cooler evenings at Splendour in the Grass Australia 2020 because even though it’s summertime down under, nights can get chilly when there’s no wind blowing through your hair (or lack thereof).
  • You’ll need swimwear—but not just any swimsuit will do. You’ll want something that is comfortable but also stylish enough for all those Instagram opportunities at nighttime concerts like Flume or Kanye West performing live onstage during his 2020 tour dates around the world; look no further than our curated selection for some inspiration.

Be prepared

It’s best to come prepared for the worst-case scenario. You might be stuck in a tent for two days if the weather turns bad, or you might need a first-aid kit if someone gets hurt at one of the many parties. You may need to protect yourself from sunburn, so make sure you have sunscreen on hand. It’s also important that you bring a flashlight since it can get dark very quickly in Australia during summertime.

Keep these things in mind:

  • Tent – It’s always good to have a backup plan if something goes wrong during your trip (or even just in case).
  • Sleeping bag – Make sure it’s clean and dry before packing it away for travel; otherwise mould will grow on it during storage.
  • Water bottle – Bring one that doesn’t leak easily because there won’t always be water fountains nearby when trekking through nature trails.


This festival is a great opportunity to meet people and make new friends, but remember that it can also be very crowded. If you’re worried about losing your friends or getting separated from them during the day, try making plans ahead of time so you know where to meet up.

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