Magical Express Is Coming to an End- Check Out These Next Best Alternatives!

When planning your next vacation to Disney world, it would be best to consider how you will travel from Orlando International Airport to Walt Disney World. The reason is that Disney has done away with their Magical Express shuttle, which most tourists visiting this place would use. In addition, all other complementary Disney world transportation from the Airport has ended.

However, Magical Express taking its last trip should not stop you from visiting the world of adventure. There are plenty of options to ride from Orlando International Airport to Disney World, from Magical Express replacements to rideshares transport services.

The question remains; is there a free shuttle from the Orlando International airport to Walt Disney world?

The answer is yes. Before, Disney did offer a free movement shuttle from the Airport to Walt Disney. The Magical Express shuttle was convenient for all world visitors taking their vacation to DisneyLand. What would have been better than a service that picks your luggage from the Airport’s baggage claim to your hotel room?

Anyway, the end of Magical Express is not the end of traveling to Walt Disney World. There are excellent alternatives to the former transport service. Check these out.

1. The Mears Connect

Mears connect is one of the best alternatives to the Magical Express, similar to the latter, which Mears partially contracted. Disney Land’s free airport transport was run by Mears’ motorcoach and not Disney itself. Therefore, the Mears operate much like their Magical predecessor, only that they do not handle luggage.

Disney guests can choose two service options with Mears connect: standard and express services, where standard looks similar to the Magical Express and shares features like buses, though not always. The standard buses operate between the Orlando airport and Disney world tourist hotels.

Suppose you wouldn’t want to sit at the Airport waiting for your shuttle, then you better opt for Express services. However, you may have to stay up to twenty minutes before boarding a shuttle after checking in at the Airport. In addition, there will be several stops on the way to the resort unless otherwise.

Express services are faster than standard. Once you check-in at the Airport, express will ferry you and your team to your hotel. Mears connect express charges a flat rate for a group of four people per ride rather than charging per person. However, that does not mean you are hiring a private vehicle. You will still share the van with other travelers. You have to provide your travel details at the time of booking.

When choosing the transport service, the price will be an essential factor. The fees that Mears connect displays are introductory and subject to alterations. Check out the price list here.

  • Standard services

The standard service charges $ 16 per adult and 13.50 $ for every kid between three and nine years one way. A round trip is $ 32 per adult and $ 27 per child. Note that there are no discounts for a round trip.

  • Express service

Express charges $ 250 for up to four riders and $ 55 for any extra passenger. However, this service does not offer one-way trips.

These features and much more render Mears connect services the best alternatives to Magical Express.

2. Sunshine Flyer Services

Sunshine flyer is one of the latest and best alternatives to Magical Express. The sunshine buses have the design of an obsolete train of the early 1920s, with the bus attendants hanging out like engineers and rail conductors.

The sunshine flyer will be launching in February two thousand and two. Guests riding on these buses will have the best experience of a lifetime. The ride will have an eccentric design giving passengers a chance to collect every detail of the trip. In addition, the sunshine rides will have onboard entertainment and gifts for kids.

One more helpful fact about sunshine flyer services is that their prices are just about $ 1 above Mears connect. At the start, sunshine will not offer luggage handling services but may upgrade to that later on.

Contrary to Mears connect, your particular flight details are optional, meaning you do not have to share them when booking a reservation, but instead, you will choose from an hour time slot.

You will book your ride from the sunshine flyer website, which will direct you to pick a window depending on the hour of your flight arrival. The journey from the Airport to your destination will be approximately one hour. Therefore, the time of your bus departure will depend on your arrival hour and flight information. The good news is that you will not wait more than twenty minutes for your ride.

Sunshine flyer prices

The charges from the Airport to your destination will be as follows;

  • $ 17 one-way and $ 34 round trip per adult.
  • $ 12.50 one-way and $ 25round trip for kids between three and nine years.

There will be no discounts for round trips.

3. Private Rides and Rideshare Services

Some travelers may not be comfortable sharing a shuttle bus or van, especially during pandemic times, or do not want to sit back and wait for long minutes. Private transfers and rideshare should be your choice if you belong in that category. Personal transport services have been in operation long before the Covid 19 pandemic. Uber or Lyft is an excellent option in that case. Sometimes they could be cheaper than airport shuttles depending on your time of arrival and the size of your team, if any.

You can get a Minnie van that can fit up to six riders and their suitcases at $ 155 each way for airport services. The vans came with two car seats for guests traveling with kids. Unfortunately, the Minnie van cruisers are temporarily out of operation due to Covid 19 pandemic.

4. Consider a Private Car Service

A private airport transfer would be the best alternative to Magical Express if you want to enjoy some Disney luxury. It saves you time and money if you are traveling as a group.

Some private cars will make a few grocery stops on the way to your hotel. Meals at Walt Disney world may be costly, primarily if you feed a number of people more than a meal a day. Picking a few groceries and snacks for breakfast could save you a significant amount of money.

The choice of a ride will depend on the number of people in the group; you can select from town cars, minivans to big, ten-person vans. In addition, you can decide to land in elegance like a Disneyland VIP and reserve a limo.

When hiring a private transfer from the Airport, you deserve value for your money. The prices may vary from one provider to another. Therefore, it would be best to do some surveys around to choose the most suitable provider from the numerous private transfer providers.

Airport Private Transfer Price List

  • Limousine-$ 93 one-way and $ 186 round trips for four riders, $ 98/$ 196 for a six-person minivan, $108/$216 for a ten-person van ride. This comes with a free fifteen-minute grocery stop depending on availability or a $ 15 guaranteed to stop for some shopping.
  • Quicksilver Tours-$ 105/$195 for a four-person ride and $120/$210 accommodating ten riders.

5. Ride a Lyft or Uber

Under normal circumstances and all factors kept constant, a Lyft or Uber would be an ideal and affordable means of traveling to Disney World from the Orlando International Airport. If you consider a three-person UberX from the Airport, you will be able to pay as low as 35-$ $0 one-way. The price depends on the resort of residence. Riding on an Uber or Lyft comes with significant benefits.

  • First, you have the vehicle to yourself
  • You can observe your car’s arrival time and location
  • Requesting a ride beforehand, even from your hotel gate
  • In addition, you can customize the vehicle ride for a better experience.

It would be best to consider prices before considering Uber or Lyft as the best alternatives to Magical Express.

6. Call a Taxi

Grabbing a cab is another ideal and quick way to get to Disney World from Orlando international airport. Hailing the local cabs is easy and convenient if you do not need a seat for a child or a spacious vehicle. However, a taxi is slightly higher in price than a Lyft or Uber.

Disney’s taxi prices range between $66- $72, depending on your destination resort.

Any Other Way to Disney World from the Airport?

There are many ways of getting to Walt Disney World from Orlando airport.

Lynx Orlando Public Bus

The Lynx bus system operates across the great Orlando area, including Orlando International airport and Walt Disney World. It is the cheapest alternative to Magical Express with a $ per adult bus fare. The trip will take almost one and a half hours to the destination on a lucky day.

However, the public travel bus will drop you at Disney Springs to take the complimentary Disney bus to your resort. It might be time-consuming, but it is money-saving.

Plan Your Vacation to Disney World

The realization that the Magical Express services are no more can be discouraging, especially if you are not a first-time Disney visitor. However, that should no longer worry, as the management is inventing the best alternatives to Magical Express. With all the options already in place and more to come, planning your next vacation to Disney will be as exciting as ever or even more.

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