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The roof of the house is another important element of the house. Because it protects from the sun and rain. In terms of house construction บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน , on average, the construction budget for each house Will be divided into about 7-15% of the roofing work, depending on the type of roof that the house uses, what material, today we will take you to know the roofing material.

Concrete Roof Tiles

The characteristics of concrete roof tiles that are commonly seen are corrugated tiles of good size and are roof tiles. made from concrete Which is a material that has a mixture of cement, stone, sand and water, mixed together and formed into a wavy sheet. which can be attached to each other by sticking together Currently, it has been developed to have a variety of types such as flat square tiles. Flat tile in the shape of a kite tail or Thai style diamond rice.

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  • Strength Resistant to sun and rain good rain drainage
  • There is less leakage problem. because it has a very high density
  • Available in a variety of styles and look modern.
  • Able to clean or paint roof tiles over it. without the need to change new tiles


  • Concrete tile is a relatively heavy material. Therefore, the roof structure must be prepared to be strong.
  • Concrete is a material that accumulates heat. Therefore, additional insulation should be installed.
  • The surface of the concrete tile is quite rough. May cause fine dust to adhere easily.Visit The Site: khatrimaza

Shingle Roof Tiles

asphalt roof Or in English known as Asphalt Shingle Roof made from high strength fiber sheets. to reduce tearing Then covered with asphalt on both sides. The surface area has various colored gravel. beautify If the name of the roof is called Shingle Roof (Shingle Roof) to foreigners to listen to it. May be interpreted differently from the single roof in Thai Because the western shingle roof is roofing by bringing materials to overlap. or put the lock together whether it is a flat sheet or curve This can be a variety of materials such as terracotta, asphalt, wood, metal or slate. It doesn’t have to be asphalt.


  • If there is some damage to the roof The damaged roof sheet can be easily replaced with a new one.
  • Some brands can be bent according to the shape of the roof. highly flexible
  • Beautiful and modern design. similar to a European style house
  • The material of the shingle roof does not cause rust.
  • Easy to install as it is lighter in weight. and is small
  • Available in a variety of colors and styles to choose from.


  • Some brands may not help in reducing heat much.
  • There is a chance of fungal infection. especially in the humid and rarely exposed to the sun.
  • If not installed properly There is a chance that it will slip by the wind. when there is a strong wind
  • Some brands may be less durable compared to other types of roofs.

Clay Roof Tiles

Terracotta tiles have a light and dark color depending on the burning process. It will look like a high curve. There is a certain level of strength. Made from clay mixed with water Knead them together and shape them and burn them until the tiles are strong. Available both coated and uncoated. Most of them are popular and used in roofs such as Thai houses, temples, churches, etc. Clay tiles are lighter than concrete tiles. and has low thermal conductivity Dirt can be washed off with rain water. in choosing clay tiles to use in roofing which should be focused on the calculation of the number of clay tiles Because clay tiles have one upside down and one flat per tile. This is different from the general tile pattern that usually has many curls in the same sheet. The sizes of clay tiles are from 4”x4”, 4”x8”, 6”x6”, 8”x8”, hexagon size 4 inch, hexagon size 6 inch, both natural and polished surface.


  • It is unique in terms of colors and textures that look natural.
  • Being local, it is suitable for roofing of Thai houses, temples, churches.
  • Has good thermal properties under the roof. low thermal conductivity
  • Lighter weight than concrete tiles.
  • Resistant to various chemicals as well.


  • Calculate the number of clay tiles. especially if the gable roof is required
  • Not very high strength compared to other types of roofing materials.
  • If it is exposed to too much water or moisture. There is a chance that the tiles will be easily peeled off.

Fiber Cement Roof Tiles

Or a double corrugated roof is a roof made of fiber cement. which is produced from Portland cement by blending with synthetic fibers By changing the mixture from rock fibers to synthetic fibers. thereby reducing the generation of toxins The feature of fiber cement roof tiles is low heat accumulation. The material is flexible and tough, so this type of roof tile is thin. and relatively light weight and because it is a double corrugated roof tile and usually have the size per sheet 1.20 – 1.80 m long, thus saving the number of purlins including the roof structure With the popularity of widespread use As a result, the production of wavy wavy tiles is about half the size and shorter than the double wavy tiles. To provide a variety of applications in various roofing applications. popularity denver air conditioning repair home Improvement


  • Strong and durable against the environment.
  • No asbestos, safe to reduce the generation of toxic substances. that cause respiratory disease
  • Low heat build-up. make the house quite cool
  • The appearance of the tile is quite thin. and lightweight
  • Flexibility and toughness.
  • Bright colors and a wide variety to choose from.


  • High installation costs. Waste purlin type material.
  • Suitable for installation as a residential roof. or a building รับสร้างบ้าน with a roof ridge height of not more than 23 m.
  • Color of fiber cement tiles when purchased to replace some of the tiles in the kit. may be different from the originalRead More About: bolly4u

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