Vermont car accident laws: A guide for victims

Getting involved in a car accident and suffering injuries because of someone’s fault can be an extremely traumatizing experience. Such accidents are not unusual in Vermont, and victims often don’t know what it takes to file a lawsuit or seek compensation for their injuries. If you were injured in a car crash where the other driver acted recklessly and caused the mishap, consider hiring a Vermont personal injury attorney at the earliest. For your help, below is an overview of the state car accident laws.

Deadline for car accident injury lawsuits

You cannot file a car accident injury lawsuit for a mishap that happened 20 years ago. States have a statute of limitations for lawsuits involving personal injuries and property damage. This law states the deadline for seeking legal action. In Vermont, you have three years from the date of the mishap to file a car accident injury lawsuit. For a wrongful death claim, there is a shorter time cap of two years. Remember that these deadlines are for civil cases intended for seeking compensation. If you want to file a claim with the insurance company, you should act immediately after the accident.

The comparative fault rule explained

Car accidents are often complex, and it often happens that the parties involved in the mishap share the blame for the accident. In such cases, the comparative fault or negligence rule is used, which is again different in different states. Vermont follows the modified comparative fault rule. If you were to blame for the accident to an extent, your proportion of fault determines whether you can seek compensation. When you share a higher percentage of fault than the party you are trying to sue, you cannot file a lawsuit. Also, the proportion of your negligence determines the settlement.

Let’s talk of an example – A driver rammed into your vehicle because they fell asleep, but at the same time, it was found that you were slightly over the speed limit. In case you are 20% to be blamed for the crash and get $100,000 in a settlement, you will eventually recover $80,000.

Get an attorney

A personal injury attorney in Vermont can help evaluate the worth of your claim, and it doesn’t have to cost anything immediately. Your lawyer will review your claim for free, and if you choose to hire them, you will have to agree to pay a contingency fee and sign an engagement letter. The cost is dependent on whether the lawyer gets you a settlement.

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