What’s new in kabaddi and how to play it

Kabaddi is a contact sport whose rules include wrestling and elements of the game of tag. This sports game is popular in India and South Asia, where it originated. The game is distinguished by the simplicity of the rules and entertainment, therefore it has many fans and fans. Recently, this sports discipline has interested bettors. There are not so many who predict kabaddi, the odds for competitions are always quite high, which allows you to poke a big jackpot if you predict correctly. Pre-match and live kabaddi betting odds are offered only by the best online bookmakers. Wide lines and high odds for such competitions can be found in the line of BC Parimatch.

Key Rules of Sports Kabaddi

The game process involves two teams, each consisting of twelve players, seven of which are on the court, and five are in reserve. The field of play has an area of ​​12.5 meters by 10 meters, it is divided by a middle strip. Opponents occupy two opposite parts of the playing area. Before the start of the confrontation, a draw is held to determine which team will attack first. Next, the first team sends the attacker to the centerline. The invader waits for a good moment, runs across to the opponent’s territory, his goal is to touch one or more opponents with his hand or foot and return to his half. All the time the player arrives on the other side, he must shout “Kabaddi!”. If an athlete needs to take a breath, his task is to have time to run across to his site, otherwise, his opponents may delay him. To free yourself, you need to stretch your arm or leg through the dividing line. If the attacker successfully returns to his playing area, the opponents he touched leave the field. If he is delayed, one of the opponents becomes the attacker. The confrontation ends when all participants leave one of the halves of the site.

Significant Kabaddi Tournaments and Interesting Facts

For the entire existence of this sport, world tournaments were held five times in 2004-2016 every three years. In all five tournaments, Indian athletes won the championship. The second and third places were occupied by: Iran, Pakistan, Canada, Japan, Korea, Bangladesh. Among the European countries that participated in the world championships in kabaddi: Italy, Spain, Germany, Norway, Poland, Britain.

The first full-fledged tournament in this sport, the Pro Kabaddi League, was created in India in 2014. At first, eight teams participated in it, later the championship was expanded to twelve teams. Patna Pirates won the most victories, winning three tournaments. The championship winner’s prize is $400,000.

The initiators of the creation of the league are businessmen who saw the potential in this sport and are investing millions of dollars in its development. This brought wide popularity to the game, in addition, somewhat changed its rules. Now athletes enter the playing field not with a naked torso, but in a uniform with sponsors’ advertisements.

Today, kabaddi matches gather a huge number of fans, they are broadcast on TV. In addition, the league has its own Facebook page with a million followers.

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