Your Go-To Guide for Shopping in Charlotte

Charlotte, North Carolina, is one of the state’s main urban hubs. It has a ton to do, people like living there, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a good time while in town.

One reason for that is Charlotte’s abundance of shopping opportunities. When people search for things to do in a city, they might look for amusement parks or museums or breweries, and those are all certainly fun and have their place.

But don’t miss the whole shopping experience! Shopping is an activity that can be enjoyed for hours, even a whole day or longer. Hey, it takes time to walk around all those places and try clothes on and inspect things you might want.

In fact, we think that, once you see Charlotte for yourself, the shopping might be one of the main reasons you start searching for Charlotte houses for sale.

Let’s help you with this: here’s your guide to shopping in Charlotte, North Carolina.

SouthPark Mall

Malls may not be what they were 20 or 30 years ago, but don’t discount them all just yet. This country’s still got a ton of humming malls, and Charlotte’s SouthPark Mall is one of those. It’s the oldest shopping mall in the city and the largest around this area.

Inside, you’ll find high-end stores such as Louis Vuitton and Burberry all the way down to Macy’s and Nordstrom. With all kinds of stores inside, from Apple to Bath & Body Works and so much more, you can make a day of SouthPark.

Charlotte Premium Outlets

Next up, we have outlets, just in case you were thinking you’d have to do all this shopping inside in a beautiful state such as North Carolina.

The Charlotte Premium Outlets are like a village of stores. You’re not walking in some extended strip mall. This is a full-on “outlet store as gathering place” approach.

You can make your way from store to store without having to worry about traffic or other distractions. Stores here include Aerie, Adidas, Clarks, Coach, Guess, Levi’s, Spencer’s, and so much more. Another full day of shopping!

Hickory Furniture Mart

And it’s not all about clothes! If you like browsing furniture stores to check out some new ideas for your house, Hickory Furniture Mrt has what you need.

This is four levels full of furniture arranged in all kinds of galleries and individual stores. You’ll find all you could want here; it isn’t just your standard home furniture. The Mart has stuff for your home, office, your lighting needs, and even room-design services.

This is a true destination for all you shoppers out there. It’s just one more example of why Charlotte is such a great place to shop, especially if you live there and can always access these places!

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