5 Disruptive Hotel Technology Trends to Watch in 2023

Hospitality is an essential industry to the economy. Therefore, investing in hotels is vital to help them flourish and grow. Following are a few trends we expect to lead the hotel industry. It will make technology read more common. Thus, streamlining the services. Furthermore, it will make the guests feel secure and welcome.

1. SaaS

The SaaS will continue to expand its scale in 2023. Investors realize the importance and versatility of software as a service. When successfully installed, hotel PMS integrations will expand the scale of operations. Moreover, its revenue will increase too.

SaaS allows hotels to have opportunities in the market. The software offers all-encompassing features such as a booking module, management channel, and property supervising. It enhances and simplifies hotel management without requiring a hefty capital investment. Its low cost encourages the investors to take active participation too.

2. Hospitality APIs

Second to SaaS, hotel APIs are also becoming very common. APIs are not involved in product development anymore. These are hotel software offered by third-party developers to improve internal operations. As a result, the APIs provide an unbiased opinion on expert matters that are otherwise overlooked.

Its reporting management system is one of the most helpful features. The different APIs are interlinked and integrated to facilitate different shareholders. Vendors can use it for sufficient payments, and investors can study their rewards.

3. Digitization

Another trend in 2023 in the hospitality industry is guest room innovation. The latter lacks entertainment features when we compare traditional home bedrooms to hotel rooms. Therefore, hotels are now installing in-room entertainment to increase engagement.

Even though the strategy sounds childish, it has been a successful approach. Features such as voice activation, guestroom bio protocols, streaming services, and remote food ordering motivate the guests to stay at hotels as it does not limit their options.

4. Privacy

The hospitality industry is worth billions of dollars. The data breach will sell at a higher price in the black market. Unfortunately, the hospitality industry, hotels to be exact, are primary targets for hackers. Hotel operators are constantly reporting security threats to national security agencies.

Therefore, hotels are increasing their cybersecurity measures. The sector now offers more-than-before secure transactions, international compliances, and stricter data privacy laws. Furthermore, it encourages guests to report suspicious activities for a better assessment.

5. Wi-Fi 6

Have you heard of 5G? It is a new form of advanced mobile network. Similar to 5G, the hotels have Wi-Fi 6. The upgrade will make the connection faster. Furthermore, it makes the stay more efficient. The upgrade will accommodate multiple devices.

Wi-Fi 6 accommodates tablets, voice-activated platforms, and other devices. It will impact the reviews positively. Furthermore, repetitive guests are also established.

Time to Wrap up!

Technology is an essential variable in any industry. It has now surpassed numerous boundaries which go beyond TVs and mobile phones. The guestroom Wi-Fi and streaming services will enhance the hotel’s stay. Furthermore, the technology installation enables a dynamic living environment.

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