Annual Travel Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are a frequent traveller, then investing in an ‘Annual Travel Insurance’ will be a wise idea. You will be financially protected in every eligible trip you make in the coming 365 days. This plan is quite simple to understand. You can enjoy last minute cruise, train ride, avail beach rental, a week’s tour at a favourite place, etc. Such plans are designed to safeguard your trips, be it for pleasure or business, short or long, planned or spontaneous. But there are few things to know about what is covered by travel insurance plan before purchasing one.

Why choose Annual Travel Insurance?

  • More you travel around, greater is the risk you face if something goes wrong. Some circumstances might be beyond your control such as flight delays, snarled traffic, big storms, family emergency, sudden sickness, etc. Such issues might simply ruin even properly planned trips. Frequent travellers are aware of the fact that problems do not come saying and it is a well selected travel insurance plan that can provide financial protection.
  • Annual travel insurance help save precious money: If you are planning more than three trips or more in the financial year, then why not select Annual travel insurance plan. It will be much cheaper when compared to insuring separately each trip. You can get hold of travel insurance quotes from the leading insurance company for multi & single trip plans.
  • Annual travel insurance plan safeguards your every trip immediately after booking. The right time to purchase travel insurance will be immediately after making essential travel arrangements. This can help optimize your coverage window. However, the truth is that people tend to procrastinate and leave insurance for making last moment purchase. This only increases chances of forgetting to buy insurance, thus enhancing your financial risks. Last-minute cancellation will not safeguard your investments. Coverage may also be missed out on pre-existing medical conditions. You can do away with such worries with an annual plan. You can enjoy trip cancellation benefits right from the plan’s effective date until premium is received by the insurance company before making the claim or trip is cancelled.
  • Annual travel insurance plan safeguards trips something otherwise is not insured normally. For example, you may rent a cottage for a small amount. You might want to know if buying travel insurance is really necessary for it is likely to be only a short trip. Also, you may not be interested to spend extra money. However, in case of last-minute cancellation, you are likely to lose all the money you had spent in travel and booking. With a valid and adequate annual travel insurance, you do not have to worry about making such choices. Your trips, be it far or near, long or short will be covered.
  • Avail emergency medical benefits: The fact is all benefits offered with the travel insurance plan are deemed valuable. However, the vital ones are those that provide you with medical benefits in case of emergencies. Dental and emergency medical benefits can be reimbursed along with injury or illness while travelling. If there is require necessary medical evacuation, then emergency transportation benefits can be derived immediately. Without valid insurance, getting injured or falling sick overseas is likely to be expensive and catastrophic.
  • Includes car rental coverage: Some travel plans do include rental car theft and damage coverage if you travel in a few selected countries that you opt to travel. It can help you save huge as rental insurance especially in Europe is considered to be quite an expense.

Who is eligible to purchase Annual Travel Insurance?

  • Business Travellers: Business travel can be quite hectic and demanding. If things go wrong with your travel, the insurance plan purchased can help you to stay financially protected. It will reimburse expenses for misplaced luggage, covered travel delays as well as damaged or lost business equipment.
  • Elderly travellers: Such insurance plans are a boon for the elderly, especially those men and women who are 65 and above. Travellers’ age does not affect multi-trip plan cost unlike like that of single trip plans. This means, the 70-year-old traveller is likely an amount similar to that of a 40 year old traveller.
  • Budget travellers: In case you are very cautious about what you are spending on, then you do need to get an Annual Travel Insurance plan to cover your frequent travels. It involves minimal expenses and provides safety from all unplanned expenses like an unfortunate mishap, travel delay, lost bag or medical emergency.
  • Spontaneous travellers: If you follow flexible schedules, then you may benefit from last minute savings made on hotel stays and cruise bookings. Such travel deals however come with some stringent cancellation policies. Hence, having valid travel insurance plan will be essential. The multi-trip plan is likely to safeguard your trip immediately after booking.

You can discuss with the knowledgeable travel insurance agents at Care Travel Insurance to know your viable options. They can guide you to make the right selection and benefit from it.

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