Take a Look at the Thrilling Tours of the Amazon

Exploring the Amazon rainforest can be done in 3 to 6 days or more. Tour companies offer travel that is short in duration to getaways that offer an immersive rainforest experience. However, you still get your money’s worth, regardless of the travel time, as itineraries involve a full day of activities.

Indeed, traveling to the rainforest is an exciting travel opportunity, as you will see scenery and animals that you have never seen before. Tours allow you to search for animals, such as howler monkeys and capuchins, or hike over trails that lead to streams full of piranha fish and caimans (similar to crocodiles).

You can take boat rides during the day and at night and enjoy private bungalow lodgings. You can also savor the best in Peruvian dishes – chef-prepared per your specifications. These types of amenities are featured on all of the tours. Therefore, even when you go on a short trip, you can see some amazing wildlife and enjoy unforgettable cuisine.

An Overview of the Tours

Let’s look at some of the thrilling tours of the Amazon for your next getaway.

1. The 3-Day, 2-Night Tour

This quick and comprehensive tour provides an excellent introduction to rainforest experiences and wildlife viewing activities. You can enjoy day and night boat rides, a private bungalow, and mouth-watering cuisine. Your tour guide picks you up from your hotel in Iquitos.

2. The 4-Day, 3-Night Tour Experience

This tour allows you to view wildlife, such as toucans and green parrots, howler monkeys and capuchins. You also get to visit an Amazon village. This tour is typically the most popular choice for a rainforest holiday.

3. The 5-Day, 4-Night Immersion Amazon Tour

This recommended travel tour involves you more in wildlife viewing, boating, hiking, and exploration. You will see caimans, pink dolphins, dinosaur birds, and pygmy owls during your travel experience. Not only will you visit a local Amazon village, you can also see how rum is produced from sugarcane.

4. The Full Tour Experience

If you want to really experience all of nature in its glory, this tour is designed for you. Not only will you engage with more animals, but you will also get a chance to learn more about the culture. If you have time to take an Amazon rainforest trip that spans 6 days or more, this trip is the trip to take.

When Is the Best Travel Time?

Before you make a tour selection, you need to figure out the best time for travel. The dry season in the Amazon forest starts in July and ends in December. During this time, you can hike with ease and experience less humidity. While the weather will still get hot, but you won’t run into wet conditions as you do during the rainy season.

From January to June, the area experiences more precipitation. However, when it rains, more animals come out and river levels are higher. The temperatures are also more pleasant. Just make sure you are prepared for the mosquitoes, which fill the atmosphere during this time of year.

Why Peru is the Best Travel Choice

If you take a Peruvian Amazon tour, you will experience a more satisfying trip, as the tours are close to the Andes, where cooler temperatures prevail. Also, you can explore more eco-systems in this narrow but lush and inviting South American country.

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