THC Vape: A Great Alternative to Traditional Cannabis Products

Cannabis has been used and consumed for therapeutic and recreational purposes for many years. Many different ways of consuming cannabis have come by over the years; some have become popular while others have faded away. Speaking of some of the most traditional methods of consuming cannabis, smoking them through joints and some cannabis-infused edibles are some of the oldest and most prevalent ways. They have been in presence for a long time now. However, over the past few years, they have become less effective and hazardous to health. Better ways have come out since, like THC vape. Here, we will see how THC Vape is a better alternative to traditional cannabis products.

THC Vape is a Great Alternative to Traditional Cannabis Products

Traditional cannabis products generally refer to dried cannabis flowers and other most common forms of edibles mixed with marijuana flowers. Some common ways of consuming traditional cannabis flowers is smoking them in joints. In addition, one can consume edibles mixed with cannabis flowers directly through ingestion. However, many studies show that smoking cannabis through joints and consuming cannabis-infused traditional edibles can be ineffective and harmful to the body, as against other alternative methods available for consuming cannabis.

One of the most popular alternatives to consuming traditional cannabis products is vaping cannabis. There are many benefits associated with using THC vape for vaping cannabis. It is thus a prevalent choice among adults who prefer vaping over other traditional methods of consuming cannabis.

Smoking cannabis through joints is one of the most prevalent traditional methods of consuming cannabis. However, it is very harmful to the body. Studies suggest that smoking cannabis can affect the respiratory system, circulatory system, central nervous system, digestive system, and immune system of the body. There is an increased risk of lung infections, respiratory illnesses, heart failure, insomnia, delusions, hallucinations, nausea, vomiting, and immune system suppression.

On the other hand, traditional cannabis products like cannabis-infused edibles are less effective than vaping cannabis through THC Vape. They have a fixed dosage in each edible, and the effects may take up to a few hours to kick in. In addition, they can lead to some issues like respiratory depression, heart problems, paranoia, impaired motor ability, panic attacks, and psychotic episodes.

However, there are many benefits to using THC vaping to consume cannabis. It is a safe, popular, and effective alternative to other traditional cannabis products and traditional ways of consuming cannabis. Following are some of the many benefits of using THC vape to consume cannabis:

  1. When smoking cigarettes, carcinogens in excess enter our lungs and harm the lungs and heart. It can cause lung cancers and heart failure. So when you use THC Vape to vape cannabis, very few carcinogens are released into the body. Studies even suggest that those who shift from smoking to vaping experience, over the weeks, improvement in breathing. Vaping is thus a safer alternative to smoking.
  2. Smoking cannabis through joints releases an excess smell of burnt cannabis flowers. It is easy for anybody accustomed to marijuana to suspect that you are smoking cannabis. So when you use a THC vape, you ensure that nobody around you can notice that you have been vaping cannabis since vapes do not produce a smell. They do not completely burn the cannabis; they heat it to a point where vapor is released. Hence, using THC vape is more discreet than smoking cannabis.
  3. Smoking marijuana means taking in the raw taste of marijuana which may taste like hay and be unpleasant to some. THC vapes provide various flavors you can choose from, so vaping cannabis does not become unpleasant for you.
  4. When you smoke cannabis, you burn a good portion of your joint away without converting it into smoke. Studies suggest that only about 25% of THC is converted into smoke when you smoke cannabis through joints, but more than 45% of THC gets converted into vapor when you vape cannabis through THC Vape. Hence, THC vaping does not waste much cannabis and is more effective.
  5. When smoking cannabis or eating cannabis-infused edibles, you may not have a choice to regulate the dosage you take. Edibles may come in fixed dosages, and you may need to take in a few big puffs to allow the effects to kick in. However, when using a THC vape, you can take in a few small puffs and feel the effects immediately. It thus allows you to regulate your dosage and gives you the effects of a few small puffs.
  6. Smoking cannabis is a lot of inconvenience. You have to roll a joint every time you wish to consume cannabis. However, THC vape pens are much more convenient. You can use raw cannabis flower or THC oil to refill it, and whenever you wish to take a few puffs, press a button, and it will start making puffs. It is also easy to carry since most THC vapes look like pens and can be carried around discreetly.
  7. Buying joints and buds for every time you wish to smoke could be expensive. Sometimes, you may travel long distances to get the rolling papers; this could increase your expenses. THC vapes are available in many price ranges, and a single vape has a few years of life, so you need not spend your time looking for rolling paper. It can save a lot of money.

You can also have a look at various types of vapes for beginners.


We have seen that smoking cannabis through joints and consuming cannabis with some traditional cannabis-infused edibles are two of the most prevalent traditional cannabis products. They have been prevailing for a long time now. However, they may be outdated and not as effective as they used to be because more effective alternatives have come. THC Vape is one of the most effective ways of consuming cannabis and is a great alternative to traditional cannabis products. It has many benefits associated with it. It is safer, cost-effective, convenient, effective, and easy to use.

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