The problem of young addicts in America.

Addiction is spreading like wildfire in the country, and it is not showing any signs of stopping. This rise in the number of addicts is a serious threat to our society and country. Each year our country is forced to spend billions of dollars to contain the damage done by drug abuse. Sadly, a large part of this capital goes to deal with the aftermath of drug abuse instead of helping the addicts leave their addiction and return to their old lives. Our society has become dependent on drugs and other intoxicating substances. We have beers with our co-workers after work and have wine with our dinners. These are only some examples that show how dependent our society has become on “legal” drugs.  The age group that plays an overwhelming role in the rising number of drug addicts in the country is the 18 to 28 age group. Most of these people are enrolled in universities or colleges. These people are getting addicted at a very young age and as the years pass their addictions only get stronger and so many these people will become lifelong addicts with many meeting their end due to health complications created by their addiction

Most of these people fall into addiction due to their peers. They try to fit in with their group and if it happens to have some people who are addicts the new person will likely try drugs to fit in. This can snowball as more and more people are pulled into the pit of addiction due to peer pressure. Most drugs only need a few voluntary doses before addiction is formed. This means that if a person is pressured into trying a drug a couple of times it will be very hard for them to leave drugs going forward.

The culture of our universities and colleges also paves the way for this rise in the number of addicts in the country. The culprit here is the fraternity and sorority culture. According to a survey, many adults today said that they started drinking in their sorority or fraternity days. Limited accountability and proximity with friends make for ample opportunity for drug abuse. Another factor here is most of the people present in these fraternities and sororities are young adults and are having their first experience of self-dependence without any authority figures. They often use this period to experiment and sadly drugs are one experiment that can harm them for their entire lives.

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Some students argued that they take drugs to cope with the pressures of their institutes. This is not an attempt to shift blame but a serious problem. Most modern universities and colleges have very extensive courses and assignments. The modern job market requires people who are more than just their degree, but they still need good grades. So, the student is forced to bridge an ever-growing gap between the demands of their institute and their future employers. Then they should also be social since it is an important part of adult life. Sports and other co-curricular activities are also a bonus on your resume. A student must achieve all this. So, to bear the burden students turn to drugs to help them focus and work long hours to meet these requirements. The danger is that these students become addicted to these drugs and can not work effectively without them and so they continue their addiction into their adult life.

The sheer rise in the number of addicts can be countered by raising the awareness of people about the dangers of addiction but if you or someone you care for is an addict the best way to help them is through a rehab center. So browse this site to book your session or get more information.

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