Things to do in or near Coorg

Head to Ramnagar and you would be strongly encouraged to visit Jim’s jungle retreat and the Corbett Tiger Reserve. But what are the travel options if you are heading to or close to Coorg? Whether it’s an adventure in Dubara forest, going crazy on the river or checking out the plantations here are some great ideas for everyone.

Trekking the hills

If you love to hike and trek and explore places by foot and enjoy nature, then there are several trekking options available in the area. The best time to head there for this is between December and May when it is not too hot. There are several adventure club organisations in the area and as well as arranging more adventurous activities they also include hikes into the hills for people who are interested. Three of the most common treks are Tadiandamol, Pushpagiri and Brahmagiri.

White Water Rafting

As mentioned there are several adventure club options in the area, and one of the most popular experiences that can arrange is white water rafting! In fact, it is one of the best white water rafting experiences you can find in India. All done by authorized and experienced professionals who will make sure every guest is safe. Definitely not something to miss if you are seeking some thrills!

Dubara forest

Dubara forest or Dubare forest is a fantastic place to visit in Coorg and it is also close to another tourist favourite, the Nagarahole National Park. The forest is commonly confused with Dubare Elephant Camp, but the two are different experiences, though the camp is another great thing to do and a hit with children and adults too! Who doesn’t want to interact with magnificent elephants?

Dubare forest has opportunities for exploration by foot but also has great jeep safaris you can join. See the amazing amount of bird species, both native and migratory, see the different plants and trees, enjoy other animals, take awe-inspiring photographs of waterfalls, hills and valleys, coffee plantations and more. Learn about the different coffee plants, and explore the different coffees. There are lots of outdoor activities to take part in, temples to visit and no matter what you enjoy there is something for everyone.

Visit Southern India’s biggest Tibetian settlement

After the forest visit, how about exploring one of the largest Tibetian settlements in the country. It is in Bylakuppe, 5kms from Kushalanagara and 90kms away from Mysore. It has its famous ‘Golden Temple’ or The Namdroling Monastry with around 16,000 refugees and more than 600 monks living there. It is a unique place to visit and to learn about a different way of living. It has a beautiful four-story tower as its entrance that has a wheel showing the Buddhist symbols and then there are several statues to enjoy inside too. You can pray, meditate and rotate the prayer drums. Open from 9 in the morning till 6 in the evening.


These are just a few of the things you can find to do in Coorg. Plenty to do for all, you could spend a day here or several days, and learn, appreciate and experience!

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