Trekking to Everest Base Camp in September

When September arrives, Nepal let go of the sunny summer and wet monsoon. With winter in distant, trekkers from all over the world lures to the Everest Base Camp region making this month one of the busiest and best months. You can enjoy the view of the Mt Everest right in front of you. Offering once in a lifetime experience, Everest Base Camp Trek in September is truly not to be missed.

With the perfect weather, blue skies and green landscape, the trek offers amazing beauty of Pumori, Lhotse, Makalu and the Everest itself. This blog will guide you on your next adventure to the Everest Base Camp in September. All in all, with determination and courage, Everest Base Camp is a step ahead.

Temperature and Weather

The temperature at the Everest Base Camp during the month of September is erratic. Early September is still monsoon time and with mild rainfall, the temperature is around 10-20 degrees Celsius on the lower region and 5-10 degrees Celsius on the upper region. During the night time, the temperature can go down to -15 degrees Celsius. At the end of late September, the day time temperature ranges from 15-20 degrees Celsius and -2 degrees in the nights and early mornings.

The month of September offers pleasant weather for the trekkers. It is not the warmest month of the year; however, the weather remains stable and clear to offer beautiful views.

How to get Everest Base Camp

The best way to reach Everest Base Camp during September is to fly from Kathmandu to Lukla. It is to be noted that at early September, there might be chances of rain which might cause delay of the flights. Make sure to leave buffer days in your itinerary to avoid missing the international connections in the month.

September is perfect month to explore the classic Everest Base Camp Trek and Gokyo Lake trek. Everest Base Camp Trek is a high altitude trek through Sherpa valley that offers you a journey to the foothill of Mount Everest. Gokyo Lake Trek is the journey to the pristine and blue water of Gokyo Lake. It is the highest freshwater lake system in the world at around 5000m.

What to Expect On Your EBC Trek In September

Everest Base Camp is full of beauty and stunning landscape. Not every detail can be explained as the words fall short. The nooks and corners of the trail are filled with something new that you might not have experienced or encountered foodiesfact. The locals are friendly which will give you an unparalleled experience as you enjoy the true beauty Nepal holds, Everest Base Camp in September offers immense view and festivals that you can be part of. We have listed few of the events that you will experience on your trek.

Fewer Crowds than other autumn months:

During the early September, you can expect lesser traffic in the trail than any other autumn months. You can easily get the accommodation facilities and have a great chance of exploring the landscape at peace.

Scenic views:

Since the monsoon rain washes the dirt from the air, you can get the clear and fresh view of the Everest region. You can get the clear views of the mountains such as Pumori, Lhotse, Makalu and the Everest itself.


The moderate temperature during the day and night time in September makes the trekking more pleasing. The trekkers can enjoy the trek without feeling too hot or too cold. You can easily trek in lightweight clothes. Also, the average speed of the wind is 4km per hour which is lesser making it enjoyable to trek.


The biggest festival of the Nepali community, Dashain falls in September where you can enjoy and be part of the biggest celebration. It is a Hindu festival but Everest region are mostly Tibetan Buddhist. You can enjoy the festival with the locals and know more about the culture and tradition.

Food and Accommodation

The accommodation during the Everest Base Camp Trek is in tea houses which is a warm and comfortable lodge ran by the local families. The tea house has a communal area with large stove which is great to sit and talk in a cozy environment. The bedrooms are unheated and have two beds with pillows, blanket and mattress. Make sure you have your own sleeping bag for extra warmth. Also, during September there is a huge flow of trekkers. So, if you have not booked your accommodation in advance, you might have to or else you will end up sleeping in a dorm or in your sleeping bag on a communal area.

The toilets are traditional squat down type where you have to use the buckets to flush igadgetnow. Also, they provide you with showers which are heated by gas. But we recommended not taking bath during the trek.

The food during the Everest Base Camp Trek is of good quality where you will get local Nepali, Sherpa and western meals. We suggest you trying Nepali thali i.e. Dal Bhat consisting of steamed rice, lentil soup, curry and pickle. You will be loaded with carbohydrate which will give you energy for the trek. For drinking water igadgetnewstoday, carry your own water bottles and ask for boiled water in the tea house to fill it in. Make sure you carry the purifying tablet to treat the tap water.


September is the lovely time for the Everest Base Camp trek which takes to the foothills of the mighty Everest. You will have the chance to explore the ethnic settlement of the Himalayan Sherpa, their culture and traditions newspinup. The perfect weather and beautiful landscape makes the trekking experience unforgettable.

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