Why choose ATELIER Playa Mujeres Luxury Resorts for your holidays?

Since its inception, ATELIER de Hoteles has earned recognition for contemporary Mexican art among the hotels in Mexico. While the group of hotels never compromise with its services, they are delighted to serve individuals at the properties situated in Cancun. While they wish to expand in the forthcoming years, they are also looking for urban locations and locations near the beaches. Owing to its concept of hospitality, it earned the ‘Silver Award’ among the best luxury hotels in Mexico. On the other hand, the corporate brand received the ‘Bronze Award’ under the best all-inclusive hotels in Mexico.

While the group of hotels offers a luxurious feeling with its unique ambiance, the concept has distinguished it from other hotels in the market. The experience is quite different as everything seems exciting. As time passes, the awards motivate the entire staff to take care of everything with great care and utmost enthusiasm. It has helped to offer services as per the preferences of the public. Further, the ATELIER ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres has been known as the most preferred place when tourists visit Mexico. Owing to the facilities, ATELIER ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres has not only earned many awards and certifications but has received multiple notable nominations.

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Everything to know about Playa Mujeres Luxury Resorts!

There are numerous reasons why Playa Mujeres Luxury Resorts have earned many stars in the hospitality industry. As ATELIER Playa Mujeres offers an incredible experience on the shores of the Caribbean beaches, people can spend an enjoyable time with the cozy atmosphere all around. The individuals could also relish traditional Mexican cuisines and international Haute cuisines.

  • The entire concept of the services makes the stay much more exciting like never before. While the guests revel in the sophisticated atmosphere, they get the most from top-grade amenities. Everything available at the resort ultimately enhances the relaxation experience.Visite this site : thailandnews24.comClick here :
  • As the guests stay at ATELIER Playa Mujeres, they can dine in with others and satiate their hunger at 26 restaurants. The experience is quite different when they visit the restaurants and bars at the ATELIER ESTUDIO Playa here for  more : punch4day
  • During the stay, the guests can also spend some time staying fit at the gym. Apart from Technogym equipment, the gym has many cardiovascular machines to tone the body. The guests are sure to seek happiness as the gym overlooks splendid landscapes.
  • At the suites and public areas, the guests avail free high-speed Wi-Fi services. They also don’t have to bother much as they can avail of round-the-clock suite service. Additionally, while the guests rejuvenate themselves around the pool, the staff ensures that they receive high-quality amenities.

What makes ATELIER Playa Mujeres Luxury Resorts special?

Apart from everything else, ATELIER Playa Mujeres offers suites that are decorated simply for a relaxing ambiance. As the décor ideas draw inspiration from contemporary Mexican art, it complements nature and the view of the sea and the golf course. As far as the bars are concerned, Playa Mujeres serves international and domestic drinks of premium brands. Besides, it also serves many cocktails that are prepared in style and with a contemporary twist altogether. Visit this site: f95 zone

>> In the best all-inclusive hotels in Mexico, guests can indulge in several activities at the ATELIER ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres. During the day, they can be a part of the activities program and enjoy water sports for relaxation. They could also enjoy recreational activities such as volleyball, Baggo, Boccia, and more. On the other hand, the guests can have a marvelous time at the DJ party or even cherish moments at a live music show after the sunset. Further ahead, the guests can admire stunning masterpieces which exemplify the art of Mexican artists. They could also unleash their talent through interactive workshops held within the premises.

>> With the help of the mobile app, the guests can access the TV channels with ease. At any point in time, the guests can get in touch with the e-Concierge through a virtual chat. In addition, they could skim through the bar’s information within a few swipes using the mobile app. The resorts embrace modern technology because the guests can enter the suite by using the Playa Mujeres App. Before reaching the place, they can go through the entire premises through an interactive 3D location map. To sum it up, they can discover almost everything through the mobile app.

>> These luxury resorts offer total-rest beds just for the guests so that they can sleep peacefully. Moreover, the experience is great when the guests can refresh themselves in the deluxe bathroom. Such bathrooms have marble rain showers, hairdryers, a double sink, and a separate tub. It would be an unforgettable experience as they leave the resort and return to their home town.

>> About the suites, the resorts offer a junior suite which makes you feel at peace. Guests can book the ocean view suite and experience the luxury and comfort of the view of the sea. Such suits have two large beds, ample working space, and numerous dining facilities. Depending on the location, the suites are well-suited to accommodate handicapped people too. Hence, when you check in the resort, you should not bother about anything.

Bottom Line:

Finally, it’s also worth staying at the Playa Mujeres Luxury Resorts because it has suites that boast avant-garde style furniture. The tranquil atmosphere is sure to take the guests to a whole new world just because it blends with the beautiful landscape of Playa Mujeres. You can experience the best with the combination of art and nature. In the end, you will have a set of memorable moments as soon as you return and get busy with your daily routine. You could even expect special treatment as you visit the Nuup Spa. If you love shopping, then you can purchase at the Boutique right from the mobile app. There’s always something more to explore and discover with the resort spread across an area of 48,437 sq. ft. Visit here : newsbench

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