Instagram recently implemented a feature that allows you to post short video clips to your feed. These films can span anywhere from three to sixty seconds, depending on how much fun you want to have on this social networking platform. Every video you post now has the potential to generate greater engagement and attract more followers, so you should improve your game when making them. Instagram now includes an algorithm that prioritizes the most relevant and popular posts at the top of each user’s feed. It means that if your video has a higher number of views than others, it has more chances to appear on the homepage than other posts made simultaneously.


Select the best dimensions:

Many individuals are unaware of the impact of video size on increasing views, and it is critical to choose the optimum video size for your post. On Instagram, there are three different video publishing sizes. There are three forms of layouts that are square, vertical, and landscape. On Instagram, vertical and square videos receive more engagement and views than landscape videos. For more views, likes, and comments, your video format is critical. Instagram has 75 percent more mobile users than it does desktop ones. As a result, employing a mobile device to monitor comfort is vital. People can publish square and vertical films without black borders, which fills the screen and makes watching them on feeds more comfortable.

It would be best if YOU optimized DESCRIPTIONS:

However, a major blunder made by marketers is failing to employ descriptions to entice users. It is especially essential for video views; the description might persuade users to watch rather than swipe past them. Your report should be long enough to pique users’ curiosity, but not so long that they forget to watch the video. It’s similar to the title of a blog entry. The most crucial and intriguing information is before the “see more” button if your caption is long. To split up a lengthy caption into more manageable bits, use line breaks. Mention and tag relevant users, particularly influencers; this can increase your visibility by 56 percent on average.

Buying Insta Views:

It isn’t easy to get through Instagram’s algorithm and gain a larger audience for your account. When you buy Instagram views, your chances of making it to the Explore page improve, giving your account greater exposure. SocialShaft is the best source to buy Instagram Video Views with instant delivery. Splitting IG views between videos is an option. These are available for a low price, starting at $0.95. You can choose your desired package from the drop-down box (fees range from $0.95 for 100 views to $87.95 for 50,000 views) and all you need is to provide your Instagram account.


The quantity of views is meaningless unless it signals an engaged fan base that makes purchases, visits your landing sites, and spreads the word about your company to their friends and followers. With these suggestions on gaining more Instagram followers, you can continue to grow your Instagram profile in the best possible way.

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