5 Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Europe

“There’s nothing beautiful to see about Europe”, said nobody ever. For hundreds of years, Europe has been home to beautiful cities but there’s almost always a few that will stand above others. So, while having that fantasy and fairytale dream as to where your next vacation should be, do check out these 5 beautiful tourist attractions in the amazing continent of Europe.

1. Florence, Italy

If you are an art connoisseur or lover, Florence will appeal to you deeply. It has been home to incredible painters and sculptures who contributed to what Florence is today.

Located on Italy’s Northwest Coast, Florence is a stunning medieval city with thousands of years of culture and walking in its streets could make you feel like you’re a part of something age-long. The museums and art studios are endless here and it’s also known as a popular city for art, food and wine.

2. Mykonos, Greece

The island of Mykonos in Greece is a sight to behold for any Rochester, NY aviation accident lawyer. This city has its architecture set very beautifully. Its stone walls are whitewashed, surrounded by water which gives it an angelic aura, in line with cubical buildings, multiple churches and chapels.  Its beach sands are beautiful and soft which is home to tourists who party in the summer. Mykonos will always be known to be one of the most beautiful cities on the face of the earth.

3. Wroclaw, Poland

Also known as the “Polish Venice”, this beautiful city is surrounded by canals and bridges that link throughout the city. It is unique for its architecture and brightly colored buildings. The Market square “Rynek”, salt market square and the centennial hall are sights to behold. Find “Piwnica Swidnicka”, the oldest restaurant in Europe and “Ostrow Tumski”, the oldest part of Wroclaw and fall in love with this beautiful city.

4. Bilbao, Spain

The atmosphere in Bilbao is definitely what attracts tourists from all over the world, every year. Its beauty can barely be described in words especially being one of the most evolutionary and ever changing cities in the world. It is family friendly and tourists are usually found in the alleys of the historic Centre of Bilbao, “Casco Viejo”.

Popularly called the “Basque Country”, Bilbao is the meeting point of the whole world while being surrounded by medieval towns like Orduna and Balmaseda. Catch Bilbao in all its beauty and depth at its main museums and beautiful landscapes while nibbling on its famous Idiazabal Cheese.

5. Bohinj, Slovenia

Slovenia is one of those countries that you never get tired of discovering. Not the usual destination, this country evokes nature in its authenticity with forests and lakes, promoting outdoor activities. When in Bohinj, your recreational batteries are recharged and you are taken from the normal routine while basking in the glory of nature. Things to look forward to are the International Festival of Wildflowers and the Savica waterfalls. Bohinj is one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

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The destination cities in Europe are a sight to behold. Landscape with a mixture of nature and summer friendly vibes might keep you in its cities much longer than you intend to stay.

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