5 Exciting Things to do in India

It’s always hard for you to practice your cultural, traditional, or religious festivals, especially when you are an NRI and away from your homeland for quite a time. Having a feel of history, literature, and combined religion is a dream for many but not the Indians, who are bound to their cultural and religious practices. But such a practice is on tracks of fading away from its essence as the new generation had taken over and our keen on practicing their cultural values within their house Be it Diwali, Eid, Navratri or Christmas all you can do is make a video call to your loved one or lighten up the candle at your doorstep to feel the glimpse of your culture. We have come across many surveys and analyses, which compels us to present the true colors of India. Be it on the grounds of Religion, Culture, tradition, adventure, or Entertainment. All of it is bought within the same forum for our reader’s convenience to go through it and plan a visit In the historical land of gods.

The following list would be nothing less than a tour guide for you to go through a smooth or even a rollercoaster ride. So, let’s dive down the River Ganges and witness the true colors of India.

Historical Monuments

Similar to other countries, India is also well known for its historical monuments that greatly impact its culture. Therefore, you might not regard your trip as a compliment if you didn’t plan your visit to the historical monuments of India.

  • Taj Mahal
  • Qutub Minar
  • Gateway of India
  • Red Fort (Lal Qilah )

Are a few of the most prominent historical monuments in India that hold some specific significance within themselves. Either a symbol of Love, war, or any historical independence landmark, all of them hold some importance in history.

Visiting Gali Paranthe Wali ( Delhi )

A small food street that is the center of attraction for all the foodies in the state has been quite an on-trend over the period, The food lane is in the middle of Chandni Chowk Market, and eateries that would compel you to drool over, majority of food vendors are keen of serving you the same regional dishes they are famous for but with some unique ingredients that might grab you towards their stall. For example, paranthe is a flat thin circular bread made up of flour and oil. But some vendors had added variational ingredients to give it a unique taste through filling like potato, cheese, chocolate, or Minced meat. A must-visit place for every tourist.

Festivals and Cultures

India is the state that holds the history of multiple religions, literature, and tradition, the extraction of which has led to producing numerous festivals and cultures. From playing Holi to celebrating Eid or enjoying the Easter holidays, all festivals are highly valued. Moreover, these cultures are not bound to any particular religion. They are celebrated in a massive crowd apart from the differences of caste color or religion.


There is no chance that you won’t take the name of India and entertainment in one breath. Be it watching Action movies, Indulging yourself in the festivals, enjoying various regional treats, or playing an online lottery, All of it plays a vital role in boosting the Indian economy. There is no doubt over the fact that Turnover for Indian cinema and cricket is pretty high. And apart from it, people had taken entertainment to another level by arranging fights among the roasters, Betting on boat races in Dockyards, or playing online games.

Beaches, Mountains, and Hillstation

The youth in India always seek to party, And the majority of youth seek to party in an open space and beaches. Juhu Beach or other beaches in Goa are famous for hosting many parties, and other places you would love to visit in India are Himachal, Manali, and Shimla for their famous mountains and hills station.

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