5 Must-Have Jewellery Pieces for Every Woman

Every woman should own at least one set of pieces of jewellery. There is a misconception that you need to own a lot of jewellery to be stylish. In fact, there are very few pieces of jewellery which will compliment your dress better than any other piece of jewellery. This article will concentrate on the top 5 pieces of jewellery every woman should own.


A necklace is the first thing that catches the eye when you are wearing a dress. It can make or break an outfit. A good quality necklace will add some style to your outfit and also accentuate your smile. Make sure that the necklace that you choose compliments your dress.


Earrings are the next item on the list and they are almost as important as the necklace. If you have a nice dress, then go ahead and pair it with a matching pair of earrings. You can use earrings to create a look which is soft, romantic and sexy. If you are wearing a simple dress, then you can skip the earrings and opt for a simple stud earring. Again, this will complement your dress and it will not detract from it.


Rings can be used to complement any outfit and they can also be worn with different pieces of jewellery. For example, if you have a necklace and a pair of earrings, you could wear a gold ring to add some more sophistication to your look. A diamond ring on the other hand will add a little sexiness to your otherwise simple look. Alternatively, you could go for small, intricate rings. Again, this will enhance the look without detracting from it.


The next item of jewellery which we will look at is a bracelet. Again, you can choose from several different styles and types. If you are looking for something that is subtle, then opt for a plain bracelet. However, if you are looking for something which will draw attention to your arm, then go for something with a lot of colour or detail.


The last item of jewellery that we will discuss is a pendant. A pendant can make a statement by itself, but also with other pieces of jewellery. Pendants look especially good when they are matched with items such as an engagement ring or a wedding band. As with all pieces of jewellery, you need to make sure that you select a design which not only compliments your dress, but also your personal style. You can buy antique jewellery from carus jewellery, a trusted brand of the UK.


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