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7 Reasons Why Travellers Should Book A Serviced Apartment Instead Of A Hotel


Gone are the days when making living arrangements when traveling; hotels were the only option. Now, we have concepts like a staycation and the service apartments. Serviced apartments are the new attractions in the itinerary of travel.

Now, what is a serviced apartment?

If you are confused about this, then a simple explanation will be given to you shortly in the excerpt below. Additionally, we will also be talking about the advantages of accommodating in a service apartment than a hotel while traveling.

Reasons Why Travellers Should Book A Service Apartment

We have always been reliable in hotels whenever we are traveling. So, it is common for you to be skeptical about it. Don’t worry; this article will show all the beneficial sides of not booking a hotel and convince you otherwise.

These are some of the reasons why serviced apartment Singapore is becoming the new traveling companion

1. Spacious

A key reason why you shouldn’t opt for hotels. Especially if you are traveling with a family, and they include kids. You are bound to feel extremely claustrophobic when it comes to sharing a room with the entire family.

All the items were haphazardly placed on the floor because the floor doesn’t have enough room in the closet. You also have to deal with a cramped up environment. Therefore, booking a service apartment will give you the desired space that you have always needed while traveling.

You can book an apartment based on the number of people you are traveling with. You can have more rooms depending on that. Their houses are generally 40% more spacious than any hotel you will get.

2. It Is Budget Friendly

Let’s say you are not traveling alone; let’s say you have your entire family, three kids, and grandparents traveling with you. You will essentially book more than one hotel room to ensure accommodation for all the people.

Plus, in order to ensure that all the necessary services are provided, you will book a four to five-starred one. Can you imagine the torture on your budget! If you want to eliminate this trouble, book a service apartment.

You will be saved from the trouble of booking too many rooms at the same time, and the spacious nature of the apartment will be able to accommodate all. This is another big reason why you should always opt for service 2 bedroom apartments Coolangatta apartments.

3. Privacy

Privacy during traveling? Yes, you heard it right. You will be able to get all the privacy in the world. You are not living under a huge hotel chain; you will have an apartment on your own, which is generally isolated from the big hotel areas of the town.

First, you are dwelling among the locals, and you will be able to explore the best sites. Secondly, you won’t be constantly disturbed by housekeeping or loud guests in the nearby rooms. You can visit here to know about the abovethenews. On the other hand, you can also get more essential info on dbfile. Here is the best news portal thoughtco where you can get the latest news around the world.

Additionally, these are all luxury stays that can be afforded. So, you do have to compromise with other things.

4. Best For Long Stays

Are you planning a vacation for the next two months? Are you on a long expedition and want good dungog accommodation that wouldn’t drill a hole through your pocket? Then booking a service apartment would be the best plan for you.

Booking a good hotel for a whopping two months can take a toll on your budget. At the same time, it can get difficult to get privacy during your stay. However, you wouldn’t have to worry about these elements of long travel with your own apartment.

5. Flexible

Flexibility is the greatest plus point for the people in a service apartment. The thing that we miss the most while traveling is having control over certain elements of our lives. Whether it is cooking our own meal or not having the haste of checkout.

If you can go for a service apartment rather than a hotel, you can have all this flexibility, and to remind you again, the prices are not that high.

6. You Can Have Housekeeping

In some service apartments, you can be detained from having housekeeping services. This is because you might want to clean the entire house on your own. However, you will be given an option by your landlord to get housekeeping.

The additional price is not too high, and you can get hotel-like services within the comfort of your ‘own’ apartment.

7. Finally- Home Away From Home

The main purpose of service apartments is to give a home-like feeling to travelers who are far from home. This is one reason why it has recently got into the limelight.

Travelers are staying among the locals, enjoying spacious privacy and flexibility. The services are all customized, and most importantly, budget-friendly.

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