7 types of T-shirts for Women suitable for any occasion

Every girl carries thousands of T-shirts in her wardrobe collection. It might be on sale or she probably liked the color or maybe she wanted to go twinning with her best friend, T-shirts are a staple closet collection. That said, here are 7 types of T-shirt dresses for women which you will love.

The basic structure of a T-shirt won’t change. Here are 6 types of necklines that differentiate T-shirts from one another.

  1. Crew neck – the most common neckline which is popular and is the basic T-shirt structure.
  2. V-neck – that accentuates the collar bones of every girl and makes her look flawless.
  3. Bateau neckline – which is the boat neckline that runs from shoulder to shoulder that looks chic and efficiently hides your skin.
  4. Straight collar – that is the basic work collar neck.
  5. Mandarin collar – which is inspired by Chinese that looks great for formal, semi-formal and even for casual occasions.
  6. High neck – i.e. the winter neck which is obviously worn during winter to keep oneself warm.

That said, here are 7 types of shirt dresses for women which work for any occasion.

1. Classic Round Neck T-shirt

Every girl’s go-to outfit, round neck T-shirt is great for a cool, casual look. With many pastel shades hitting the summer, you will find many shades to try on. Pair them with jeans, jeggings, shorts, skirts and much more. A versatile product, they are available at a great affordable price.

2. Plunge Neck for special dates

Plunge neck T-shirts look great for a date as they shout smart, sexy and strong. Opt for shades like grey or black T-shirt with skirts or jeggings as per the location of the date. Pair it with the plunging T-shirt, pencil skirt and heels if you are going to a fancy location. If it’s a casual date, you can wear a T-shirt with ripped jeans.

3. V-neck for weekend vibes

One of the popular women’s clothing is undoubtedly T-shirts. V-neck tees are known for their classic look that oozes cool, chic style. Planning a day out with friends? V-neck T-shirts are a great way to look amazing. With pastel shades trending nowadays, colors such as baby pink, light sea blue or olive green V-neck shirts can set your style quotient high. If you are blessed with a slim waist and flat tummy, you can tie the T-shirt up like a crop tee to flaunt your waist.

4. Cold shoulder T-shirts

Cold shoulder T-shirts have been trending since 2017 and are still in fashion. Pair cold shoulders with jeans, skirts or palazzos. As you will be showing off some skin on top, make sure to keep the legs covered.

5. Collared T-shirt for sportswear

If you are going to hit the gym, it is always best to be covered because you want to burn up all the fat and let that sweat out. Moreover, you don’t want your breasts joggling around. Mandarin collar T-shirts for a gym is what many women are wearing nowadays.

6. High-neck Tees

A high neck T-shirt will look on anybody regardless of their body type because it gives a slimming effect on the waist. You can opt for half sleeves or full sleeves as per your preference. A high neck T-shirt is great for strolling in the park or a quick grocery shopping. Pair it with your favorite jeggings or joggers.

7. Basic white T-shirt

Undoubtedly, the chicest outfit in women’s clothing is the white T-shirt that looks casual and cool. If you are running late or can’t think of any inspirational style (happens at times!), go with a basic white tee and pair with palazzos or striped pants. You can also pair it with jeans and white sneakers.

So, there you go – different types of T-shirt dresses for women that work on any occasion. Building a wardrobe is essential, so why not choose unique fashion and make it stylish. Regardless of the season, T-shirts are popular and can make you look stylish at all times. The challenge is to pick the right combination and once you ace it, the stage is all yours. We hope you loved the post. Give a shout out in the comment section below or let us know if you got any more ideas.

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