9 Countries That You Should Definitely Visit

If the past year has been stressful, you are not alone. The truth is, life has been rough for a lot of people lately. With that said, there has never been a better time to start thinking about ways to decrease all that mental tension.

According to researchers, planning a trip is an excellent way to boost your spirits. Even if you are not currently able to go anywhere, just the planning alone can be beneficial to your brain and overall mood. To start thinking of destination ideas, consider this list.

1. Peru

Without a doubt, Peru is one of the most beautiful and fascinating countries that you can visit. With majestic rural mountains, lush tropical rainforest and an impressive seaside urban area, Peru is home to unique landscapes and amazing culture. Plus, the food is truly out of this world. In addition, there are countless llamas and alpacas that call Peru home. If you are unfamiliar with these adorable animals, Google them both right now. (You are welcome.)

2. Norway

Speaking of unique landscapes and natural beauty, another gorgeous place to visit is Norway. With some of the most incredible fjords and breathtaking waterfalls, it is a wonderful country to go on a hiking trip. For city-goers, visiting a Vikings museum or watching a musical in Oslo might be better.

3. Canada

Another beautiful country to visit is that of Canada. Although it is undoubtedly frigid during wintertime, the summers are mild. The Great Lakes are breathtaking, and Niagra Falls is equally impressive. When it comes to the people, Canadians are notoriously friendly, and the kindness extends to the highways, too! Drivers are usually quite harmonious.

4. Holland

For somewhere that feels freer than you might ever imagine, look no further than the Netherlands. Home to the world-famous Amsterdam, there are a variety of vices permitted here that are not elsewhere. In addition to the unusual laws, however, the country is also rich in old culture, lovely tulips and modern transportation options.

5. Cuba

To step into another world that is only 40 minutes off the coast of Florida by airplane, you must visit Havana, Cuba. A gorgeous city that is bursting in vibrant music and colorful personalities, Havana is home to a very interesting and warm culture. Make sure to try a delicious Cuba Libre while taking a break on one of the many relaxing bar patios.

6. Spain

For yet another Spanish-speaking destination, Spain is another wonderful option. If you love cosmopolitan cities, Madrid may be more your style. On the other hand, for a more laid-back mix of old modern with mild temperatures, Barcelona could be a better choice. To try your language skills at Catalan, visit the villages on just the outskirts of the city for a bit slower way of life and irresistible wine tasting opportunities.

7. China

If you are someone who loves history, then China is definitely a land that is rich in centuries of it. From the Great Wall to the Forbidden City Palace in Beijing and everything in between, Chinese culture is weaved in thousands of told and untold stories. In addition, the natural opportunities to observe trees, mountains and wildlife are also impressive. Do not miss out on this enormous marvel!

8. Turkey

To see another country that is rich in ancient history, look no further than Turkey. From the gorgeous Hagia Sophia Mosque to the Dolmabhce Palace and the Sultanahmet District, there is no shortage of fascinating architecture and sights to see. Also, if you are a cat lover, you will particularly love Istanbul. World-famous for being a cat-loving city, Turkish residents living here appreciate felines more than many other places around the globe.

9. Ecuador

Finally, another incredible country to visit is that of Ecuador. As a Spanish-speaking country in South America, Ecuador is located directly on the equator. (Fun fact, you weigh slightly less on the equator… yet another reason to visit!) Rich in Andean culture as well as other local customs, there is a warm and inviting experience in Ecuador that is unlike anyplace else. Explore the jungle, the mountains or the streets of Quito. Whatever your interests, there is plenty to see and do.

To lift your spirits, follow researchers’ advice and start planning the trip of a lifetime. Even if you do not leave until a year or two from now, you have to start somewhere, right?

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