A Comprehensive Guide On How to Start a Betting Career

The desire to start a betting career in India is growing. The need to make money, especially from their homes, using their mobile phones is why many people are considering online bookmakers.

If you are completely new to the betting process, you’re not alone, as the journey of a thousand miles they say always begins with a step. You can make the most of the staking journey when you take that step.

Is sports betting right for you?

Before we start, it is best to know if betting is right for you. A simple way to examine this is by looking at some of the questions below and providing an honest answer.

  • Do you enjoy watching sports?
  • Are you good at predicting game scores?
  • Do you consider yourself knowledgeable in any sports?
  • Do you have some cash you don’t mind losing?
  • Would you want to earn money from betting activities?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, betting is probably the right activity for you. Now, you would want to know the kind of game player you will be after a while. Naturally, you can choose between being a casual bettor or a full-time bettor.

What is the mechanics of betting?

Like most of life’s activities, it is essential to understand how betting works before you rush in headfirst and start a career of it. Most people run from placing bets because they think it is too complex or entirely based on luck and chance. But the truth is, there is ample strategy and planning behind it.

Betting is quite simple, and with a few tips and guidelines, you can learn how to become an expert at the activity. You have to place a wager on the outcome of a particular event on an online sports betting site. If you are right, you win. But if you are wrong, you lose.

There are three major facets of placing a bet. They are,

  • Selection
  • Steak
  • Odds

Mastering these basic aspects of betting will guarantee winnings and desirable profit margins.

Tips on how to start a betting career

Every career has certain tips that, when followed, are capable of guaranteeing success; a betting career is no exemption. Notable tips to follow after you must have decided to go into placing bets include;

  • Start slowly

The first step to starting a betting career is to start as slowly as possible. You need to start gradually and get in your stride to create a successful betting career. So, you must take your time to get a feel of regular betting odds, then increase your activity when you finally get a good working knowledge. 

  • Go over the basics

It would help to revisit the basics of placing various bets to solidify your knowledge. Getting familiar with the basics of every game or bookmaker enables you to make better decisions that can produce long-term success.

  • Have realistic expectations

It would be a bad idea to exit from your day job and instantly think you will make it big with betting. You need to know that the chances of making a living off staking games are very low. That doesn’t mean you can’t make enough money, but that you shouldn’t be hard-pressed and have unrealistic expectations.

Several professional bettors in India make a living off betting. However, their number may not be as large as you might imagine, and even if they were, they would still lose their stakes on some days. As such, it is important to know that you can’t win most of the time.

  • Create a betting budget

One of the essential facets of starting a betting career in India is designing a budget for placing bets, and this should be distinct from your regular budget. You have to put a clear line between the two so you don’t end up using your savings for placing bets.

With a budget in place, you can be more disciplined and know when to walk away whether it appears you are winning or losing. It will also help you monitor the amount you earn from betting and ensure that you don’t lose personal funds.


In India, most individuals are willing to start a betting career, but few know how to sustain it. Following these tips to begin one would put you on the right path to placing good bets and managing your betting finances. From this guide, you can also decipher the need to start on a reliable platform like Parimatch. That way, you can enjoy promotional offers that will help you spend less and earn more on the many games available.

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