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As its name suggests, Animal Planet is a cable television channel that focuses on series and documentaries about domestic and wild animals. The channel was founded on June 1, 1996, and is owned by Discovery, Inc. The show’s format varies greatly, with programs focused on a wide range of topics, from the plight of the homeless dog to the struggles of a lion cub. It is one of the most popular cable channels in the United States.

The show has an interesting format that allows viewers to submit their own animal photos. Many of the shows are hosted by animal lovers, and the audience can comment or send an email with their own photos and videos. For example, a parent can send an email to a pet photographer, allowing them to share his experiences. The series also features the animal’s reactions to different situations, such as being abused or suffering from neglect. It is a great show for kids, and it’s perfect for the family!

Despite the fact that some of the animal films are geared towards a young audience, Animal Planet has long aimed to be more “grown-up.” Its new look and edgier nature allow for more mature content. The channel’s shows are often based on encounters with wild animals, involving near-death experiences. The network’s goal is to reach a broad audience with its content, but there’s no guarantee that a new show will be a hit with the audience.

The Animal Planet website is well-designed and easy to navigate. It also includes video previews of previously aired episodes and a community of animal lovers. Unlike Hulu, the website doesn’t advertise, so it isn’t a distraction. It also offers an assortment of information and videos. This makes the site an excellent destination for viewers to learn about animals and their care. In addition, it is a definite plus for a devoted fan.

The Animal Planet network’s most popular show, “Crazy Exotic Animals,” is a reality TV show based on a series of wildlife films by Steve Irwin. It was a hit in the United States and aired internationally in syndication. The popular series also inspired two spin-offs. The network’s audience overwhelmingly supported Irwin’s program and made the show the number one animal network in the world.

The channel’s revamped look reflects the changing nature of animal culture. The network has a new look and has joined forces with leading organizations to make the content more informative and entertaining. During the season premiere of Puppy Bowl X, Animal Planet garnered over 13.5 million viewers. In 2014, the network also had the most watched season premiere of RIVER MONSTERS. Its audience of 94 million households enables the network to reach a wide range of demographics.

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