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Asianet Plus is a new channel that will compete with Southern Spice Music and other channels like Star TV. TRAI has approved the launch of Asianet Plus as one of the most watched channels in India. It will also broadcast various shows in various languages, including Hindi, Bengali, English, and Malayalam. The first episode will air on December 15, 2018. The show will have two episodes, which will each have two episodes. Both programs will be aired daily at the same time, and will be free to view.

Star India owns Asianet Plus and is a part of the Asianet Digital Network. The new channel will have additional movies and fashion programming, and will be packaged on the same lines as the other music and entertainment channels. The channels will air on various channels. The premiere will be on 23 July, and its content will be available to all Asians. The new channel will be called Asianet Plus. It will air in Malayalam and will be the largest channel in Asia.

The new logo was introduced on the 13th anniversary of Asianet. It will be broadcasted on different platforms in Kerala. The channels will show films from Malayalam, Tamil, and Hindi. There will also be a 24-hour movie channel. The service is operated by Star Communications Limited, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. It will be accessible through cable and DTH platforms. It is owned by The Walt Disney Company.

The new logo of Asianet Plus encircles the phrase “Each and every person wants more”. The channel’s new logo is made up of a heart and a cross. The two sides share the same theme. The Asian region has a lot of regional TV channels, but the Asian region has a lot of different formats and languages. For example, a large number of languages are supported on Asianet. For Asian audiences, the new look is an extension of the existing Asianet brand.

Asianet Plus was launched in 2014 as a part of Star India’s Asian network. It was also launched this year. This new channel, which has been a competitor to Malayalam TV, is now owned by Star India. It is a major competitor to Sun Network and is available on several platforms, including in the Indian language. There is a huge market for Malayalam entertainment in Asia. A wide range of genres is represented.

Malayalam language is the most popular language in India. The channel launched on 15 July 2012. It is also the most successful. The network is a part of the STAR India media group. In addition to Malayalam, there are Hindi and Tamil channels on Asianet. The network is owned by Star India, which means it’s the largest media group in the world. Its content is diversified. As the Asianet platform continues to grow, it’s expanding its content.

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