Common Civil Lawsuits in NYC: Here’s A List of Them

Civil suits are a common occurrence around the world, but in an area like New York City, the influx of legal disputes increases due to the larger population. With more people, there’s a risk of being involved in a legal disagreement at some point in time. During any given day, the courthouse is filled with hundreds of people and their attorneys, ready to appear in a courtroom to have their cases heard. The disputes are over everything from personal to business issues.

If you’re interested in knowing what some of these suits may be, we have compiled a list of the most common that occur in New York City. You should examine whether the circumstances of your case meet the criteria of at least one of them before choosing to file a lawsuit. Otherwise, there’s no need to contact a lawyer. A good NYC Lawyer should specialize in the case they are taking on, so look for recommendations or do your research in choosing one that fits your needs.

Unfortunately, just because you have been wronged by another person or business does not automatically entitle you to a court judgment. Your claim for damages must be supported by the law. Otherwise attempting to file a lawsuit may be a waste of your time. A knowledgeable lawyer can help you determine whether you have a strong case or if you should just let things be.

The most frequent civil cases brought forth in New York are as follows.

Contract Dispute. A dispute over a contract is usually known as a “breach of contract”, which happens when one or more of the contracting parties fail to abide by a contractual agreement or agreed-upon transaction, or fail to perform his or her duty as determined within said contract. A party can be in breach of contract if he or she does not fulfill his contractual commitment, or if they do not inform the other party that they will not execute their obligation as specified in the contract, or if the actions and behavior indicate that they are unable to complete the contract. Under these guidelines, you may be able to sue if you have been harmed or damaged.

Employee-related lawsuits. Within civil litigation, employment law requires legal representation from a firm that specializes in these types of cases. Typically, firms will focus solely on employment disputes. Common issues between employer and employee include disputes over termination; employment contracts; and failing to run a background check.

If an employee is terminated improperly, a business may suffer legal consequences and even be forced to pay out a judgement or settlement. Termination should be done correctly and fall within the limits of employment law.

The conditions of employment are generally covered under a written contract when employment begins. If there is nothing in writing, serious legal consequences could follow if an employee brings forth a suit.

Lastly, the failure to do a thorough background check on a prospective employee could end badly, especially if an employee does something bad to another employee, such as harassment or worse.

Defamation is one of the most common civil lawsuits you’ll see. However, there are broad guidelines from state to state. Lawsuits arising from comments made by customers on social media sites such as Yelp and Facebook are becoming increasingly frequent. Businesses should be aware and be prepared to face these types of disputes if they arise.

Debt is perhaps the most frequent kind of business litigation. When one side owes the other money and talks break down, a lawsuit may follow. Documentation and proof are the most important elements that should be filed away incase of such a lawsuit.

Injuries to a person. These are the most profitable matters for civil litigators in small firms. Because so many attorneys use unethical methods to acquire these kinds of cases, they are also the most difficult for an honest civil litigator to obtain. These are instances when someone has been injured as a result of someone else’s carelessness.

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