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External trends affecting adventure tourism

Superimposed on internal tourism trends within the adventure tourism industry itself, there are larger-scale changes in the physical environment and global social structures, which are beginning to affect the adventure tourism sector. On the physical side, the principal current concern is global climate change. On the socio-economic side, the key concern is change in the relative wealth of different social groups in different countries, and the consequences for travel patterns and preferences.Check the site Filmy god

The links between adventure tourism and climate change can be categorized in a number of different ways, as outlined in Chapter 8. At the broadest scale there are perhaps three major issues, though these are not entirely disjunction. The first is long-haul travel to adventure areas, and associated costs and offset measures. The second is changes to natural resources at adventure destinations, either directly or indirectly through social mechanisms.

The third is changes in the behaviour of individual tourists because of the social aspects of climate change. Currently, large-scale changes in the distribution of wealth are occurring through three major mechanisms. The first is the enormous economic growth in countries such as India and China. National per capita GNP is still relatively low in these nations, but because of income inequities and large populations overall, they now have a very substantial cohort of very wealthy individuals, and moderately wealthy middle classes which are enormous in scale.

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There is a growing interest in adventure tourism in both these countries, and we can anticipate that they will soon contribute a significant proportion of the global adventure tourism clientele, both domestically and internationally.

The second group of newly wealthy tourists derives from Russia and surrounding nations. It appears that many of the assets of the former USSR are now in private hands, and this has produced a class of very wealthy individuals who are investing heavily in international real estate and also travelling extensively and expensively.

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