How Can I win a Slot Tournament? 

They say you must be in it to win it, and this is true for games like the lottery, but the same applies to slot tournaments as well. Not all slot sites run these tournaments, and this is mostly down to business and who casino brands choose to partner with – visit

Many slot sites use casino software that has been created by the likes of NetEnt, Playtech, and Microgaming, so the chances are that these software provider’s slot games will take centre stage on these sites. Furthermore, their software and slots are more than likely to be the centrepiece of any slot tournaments held. 

Slot Tournaments: A Closer Look 

Slot tournaments are competitions run by casinos that strike a deal with a software provider such as the three mentioned above, who also create casino tournament software platforms. These tournaments are used as a marketing tool to attract more customers to a casino brand or to bring back customers that may have gone missing in action. Either way, they are good for business and a great form of publicity for individual slot sites. 

Slot tournaments can take place at land-based casinos or online, but the fact is that with most people now gambling online, the place where you are most likely to encounter a slot tournament is on the internet. 

Slot Tournament Specifics 

Slot tournaments usually revolve around one slot game, this can be a new release, a classic, or a slot that has been forgotten by the gambling public due to it not living up to expectations. 

These tournaments have a registration process and are advertised in advance. This gives potential competitors a chance to register before places vanish. If it is a competition with a Buy-in clause, then punters will have to pay a small fee upon registration. Larger fees are saved for slot tournaments that are exclusively aimed at VIP customers. Here the prizes are bigger because of the higher entry fee that creates a bigger cash prize pool 

The most common tournaments are freeroll ones and these have smaller prizes because no prize pool is created from registration fees. Instead, the prize pool is created by the amount staked by each competitor. This is usually a percentage only, as the rest goes to the casino. 

The aim here is to win as much cash as possible on the chosen slot that heads the tournament. The cash must be won in the limited time frame of the competition, or in a set number of spins that the tournament allows. The staking level is set too and must not be changed. 

Leader Boards 

All entrants can check the progress on the live leader board that automatically updates. The player that wins is usually the one who is lucky enough to trigger a special feature, or bonus round whilst spinning the slot base game during the tournament. Some competitions pay out beyond the first 3 finishing positions, so it is always worth checking them, because you could even win a cash prize for finishing 10th.

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