How to Pack a Suitcase: 7 Tips for Travelers

How to pack a suitcase to fit everything you need and not burst at the seams? These simple tips help to save a lot of time and nerves, both when boarding and when receiving your luggage.

Make a List of All Your Belongings

Although it sounds trivial and routine, it really is the first thing to start packing. Work on it ahead of time and adjust it in the process itself. After all, as many have noticed in their experience, early packing necessarily leads to the fact that just before boarding, we remember that we forgot something important.

Your list does not have to be long. Make it similar to a catalog with online casino games real money, where all the games are categorized according to certain filters.

Make Your Suitcase Recognizable

It is best to choose a discreet suitcase so as not to attract unwanted attention from outsiders. But at the same time, you need to identify it in some way so that it won’t be confused with exactly the same one on the luggage belt. Colorful ribbons, stickers, and a tag with your name and phone number that can be used to contact you in case of loss are good for this. And most importantly, be sure to wrap your suitcase in plastic wrap to reduce the likelihood that thieves will be interested in your luggage.

Use Small Sorting Cases

Phone, camera, or camera chargers, plug adapters, and headphones-we all have a lot of wires and gadgets that are constantly tangled up in our suitcases. A great solution would be separate cases that take up minimal space and do not let the wires tangle with each other. But if you’re worried about them after the trip, consider carrying them in your carry-on baggage.

Preventing Ptains

Imagine, you had packed a light, freshly laundered item in your suitcase, and you got it out with a stain. Not a pretty picture, is it? First, to avoid such incidents, it is better to secure all containers with liquids, wrapping them in cling film or placing them in airtight bags. Second, always turn light-colored clothing inside out and also pack it in an individual bag. Another source of stains on clothes is shoes. Wrap a shower cap around the soles of your shoes, and then you’re sure to get all your things to their destination clean.

Pack Sparingly

Rolled up into a tube takes up less room than traditionally folded. And it also cuts down on crumpling, so you’ll be glad you did when you arrived at the hotel. Use your shoes to save space. Socks, ties, and other small closet items that eat a decent amount of useful space are well placed inside the shoes or sneakers.

Weigh the Suitcase

This is a secret weapon that will help you avoid extra waste when you board the plane. It’s best to weigh your packed suitcase beforehand to make sure its weight is within limits.  This will help reassure yourself once again that you’ve only brought the right things with you.

Keep All Necessities in a Carry-On 

You need to be prepared for the unexpected. When packing hand luggage, make sure that you pack all valuables, documents, medicine, a bag with spare clothes and shoes just in case, and anything else that you might theoretically need.

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