How To Prep Your Skin Before Makeup For A Flawless Look

Your entire makeup game is heavily dependent on skin prep before make up. Imagine you have the perfect makeup look on with those dazzling eyes, a bold tint on the lips, a perfectly blended foundation, the blush is on point, and just in a few minutes, the makeup starts to get blotchy, smudged, and completely dry. We all have been in that situation at least once.

No matter what makeup products you apply to your face, if you do not prep your skin, your makeup will always look funny, and the outcome will be a waste of makeup that you spent hours shoping for online. We don’t want that now, do we?

Your makeup depends on your skin; your makeup will look good with a proper application if your skin looks good. So take care of your beautiful skin before you start with your makeup. Make sure to use the cosmetics products according to your skin type.

How to prep your face before starting with makeup:

Firstly, wash your face with a mild cleanser with lukewarm water according to your skin type. Be sure to clean your neck as well. Pat dry with a towel.

Exfoliate: You need to remove the dead skin cells build up as it can lead to clogged pores, uneven skin tone, dullness, and skin discoloration. Timely exfoliation will leave you with smooth and bright skin. It is recommended to exfoliate before every makeup application to have a clean base.

Toner or any serum: When you exfoliate, it shakes up the pH balance; to calm the skin down and bring the pH back to normal, you need to apply a toner or a serum. Toner and serums provide that hydration for a phenomenal makeup look.

Eye cream: Take care of those eyes with a thin eye cream. The eye cream moisturizes the area around the eye and evens out the skin tone. You need to apply eye cream before your moisturizer.

Moisturizer: Hydrating your skin well is essential for the makeup to glide. Just take some moisturizer and pat it on your skin. Whatever your skin type is, moisturizer is non-negotiable. If you wear makeup during the day, do not forget to apply a good SPF for sun protection.

Take care of lips: Your lips need equal attention. Get a lip scrub and exfoliate your lips for 2-3 minutes after completing exfoliation. Next, apply a lip balm with SPF to moisturize and protect your lips.

Primer: Although the primer is a makeup product, it comes under an extended skincare version. Primer creates a wall-like barrier between the skin and makeup so that the makeup doesn’t stick on your skin, leaving your makeup look creased and dull. You can be a hydrating primer or a pore blurring primer from the app for makeup.

Do the above, and definitely, your skin and makeup will thank you a lot.

  • Your makeup will look flawless, and the application will be smoother.
  • Prepping your skin before makeup will allow the makeup to last longer.
  • With consistent skincare, your skin issues will diminish, making you use fewer makeup products over time.
  • When your makeup looks flawless and lasts longer, it will automatically give you a boost of confidence.

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