Importance of Technology in Education

As the world is growing older, technology is becoming advanced with its ever-evolving nature. Technology has reached almost all the work that we people do on a daily basis, and without it, we can’t even think of doing the work. One important thing that technology has engrossed is education. Technology has deeply gone inside education, as it is needed in several cases, including receiving online notes, attending online classes, making projects, and many more.

Even in today’s jobs, employers even look for candidates who are technologically advanced and students of these days, generally acquire it from their school level. Technology bears great importance in the field of education, which we will discuss in detail.

Change in the Way of Learning after COVID19

The COVID19 pandemic has showcased the fact that technology is important in our education. In the global pandemic situation, when going outside was prohibited, then online education was the only way out for students, or else the education system would have fallen 2 years back, hampering the future of children.

Not only that, but the use of the digital learning tools by both teachers and students has given each side effective results. Students have been able to increase their engagement in learning, whereas teachers have been able to enhance their lesson plans, and as a result gave personalized learning. Even with the rise of digital learning, there has been the emergence of many online course selling website, which students use to acquire knowledge and secure favorable marks in their exams.

Students understand better in digital learning

It has been an obvious fact that students learn their subject matter better in online learning than in offline learning. And this digital learning is possible because of the advancement of technology in the present time. Years back no one even thought that the education thing can ever take place digitally.

The classes being digital, not only helps teachers to focus on individual students, and clear their doubts, but the classroom features which include AR (Augmented Reality), video animations, storyboarding, etc., clear the whole concept of the students in the topic they are learning, and creates the class more lively and the learning environment inclusive.

Benefits of Technology in Education

Technology not only adds cool features to the way of learning, but it brings various benefits too. Teachers obviously want their students to enhance their performance, in which technology plays a great role. Also, technology getting inside education also helps teachers to a great extent in making their job easier and saving time, like converting the hard work into smart work.

Also, with the help of technology, students are able to discover and figure out various answers which fasten their learning, saving time, to learn more, and maybe complete their syllabus in time, which many of them are unable to. This accelerated way of learning is much more fun and provides many opportunities to study as well as practice. 

Not only does it offer more time to learn, but this particular benefit will also help students to go deep inside the matter, and master the topic itself. With the advancement of technology, students will also get advanced and can also look for platforms to create and sell online courses, to increase their knowledge in learning.

What do the researchers say?

Various reports state that technology has education has been a blessing for both the teachers, as well as students, and have helped to uplift the way of learning. A report stated that 59% of the students who were in middle school, got good grades and test scores with the help of digital education tools.

The popularity of these educational tools has been rising upwards, especially in the educational technology market, and it is likely to expand to a mammoth amount of 342 billion dollars by 2025. Through in-person classes, i.e., offline learning is good for students too, as it always helped in clear communication, and helps you to catch your writing speed while writing the class notes.

But online learning, which has been possible with the advancement of technology has taken education to the next level. As days will pass, the importance of technology in education is expected to get higher and one day 100% of education will only be possible just because of technology.

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