Know the details while you are in transit

While you are in transit, you will have to stay in the airport and spend the required time in quarantine. You may go through the Hong Kong Airport transit rules to be safe. After the pandemic outbreak, travel has opened doors, but there are several restrictions to be followed that would assure a safe flight and a journey to a foreign land.

Upload your details on the website: Once you have decided to fly, you must upload all documents to the website. This includes your travel history for the last 14 days and your vaccination documents. The vaccination certificate comes with a QR scan. The airline’s authority would verify these documents and then inform you by email if anything had been left out or not up to the mark. You will get a final approval or travel code, following which you will have to either download or produce it at the airport gate for allowing you inside.

Get the RTPCR test done: After producing the COVID negative test, you will have to undergo the RT-PCR test to confirm your COVID status once again. The result might take some time to be declared. You will have to stay in quarantine till that time in hotels specified by the airport. When the result arrives, you are free to move to your place.

Stay in quarantine: You will have to be quarantined upon arrival in Hong Kong. There are various conditions that must be fulfilled, and until then, later. The period of stay would be a difficult phase, and you have to take care of your physical and mental health. Staying jovial would save you from the belief of staying in exile. Practicing some yoga postures and continuous exercises might give you relief from boredom. Stay in touch with family and friends to feel in touch with them. Check your WIFI connection and ask the hotel to provide you with the same. You can learn some new skills while in quarantine, like reading books or following YouTube channels teaching cooking or other crafts. This is the time to upgrade yourself.

Collect your report and leave:  The last step would be to collect your report. If you have confirmed a negative result, you will be allowed to leave. If you are tested positive, you will have to stay inside the hotel until you further test negative. During this time you will have to make further arrangements to stay isolated or maybe any other places to stay. More information visit this site: mynewsport

You will have to follow the airline’s website there. Any changes in the schedule and any developments, you will come to know through the information on the website. The airline’s authority would always try to keep you updated on any information and policy change. Being on transit, you will have to abide by the rules till all the conditions are fulfilled. Well, it might appear to be challenging, somewhat frustrating, but you will always be on the winning side once you have fulfilled all the requirements. Visit this site for more information: rtsnet.

Choose the best airlines that would offer you facility and convenience and make your quarantine period as light as possible. Well, you can reinvent yourself during the quarantine period and start exploring some new skills and techniques. Click here and show more information: newstheater. Take care of your health by practicing light movements in that small space. This would save you from being claustrophobic. Invent new ways of spending time, learning new skills, and interacting with friends that you might not have done while being busy in life. Traveling would be fun, but you will have to be tactical in knowing the rules and requirements, you will have to abide by, irrespective of any condition. For more information visit this site: coschedules

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