New rules to know before entering the airport post-Covid Lockdown (Updated 2021)

On March 24th, when the total lockdown was announced in India due to the Covid-19 situation, nobody was prepared for it. Like any other sector, it had an impact on the airline services for which the whole operation remained shut down for more than two months. After the government decided to lift the ban on travelling, certain rules and regulations were implemented by the Ministry of Airlines to ensure safety for all passengers. Although this was an initial success, it had a huge impact on the cost of travelling. 

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Therefore coming in 2021, a set of new rules has been implemented to handle the Covid-19 situation more effectively. So, if you happen to fly abroad or within the city for leisure or work, follow this set of rules after making your flight booking and stay safe during the entire flight tour.  

Guidelines to follow before Getting to the Airport

Some of the important factors that you should consider while travelling from your home, office or hotel to the airport includes the following: 

  • It is mandatory to have your vaccination before you start with your planning for travelling. Also, do carry your certificate of vaccination before heading to the airport. 
  • You should download the identification numbers and baggage tags and take a printout of the same and stick it with your luggage. 
  • You can only carry one handbag and one check-in trolly bag with you. 
  • Before entering the airport terminal, you must wear all types of protective gear like masks and gloves. Also, you should not open your face masks at any time during the trip. 
  • Arrive at the airport at least two hours ahead of your flight’s departure. Do note that check-in and boarding at the airport can consume more time due to the implementation of additional Covid-19 guidelines. 
  • People who remain in the containment zone or test positive for the virus are strictly prohibited from boarding domestic airlines. Moreover, if anybody defies this rule, then they will have to pay a heavy penalty. 
  • It is important for all the passengers to download the Aarogya Setu App as well as to submit a self-declaration form regarding their health status. 

Rules to follow to reach the terminal building

While entering the airport area, it is important to wear your protective gear and follow the instructions that are given below.

  • Carry all the required documents of your travelling on your phone.
  • Get to the thermal protection area near the entry gate and go through the temperature screening. Here, you would also need to show your health status via the Aarogya Setu App. 
  • Next, you need to head to the CISF kiosk and show your boarding pass and ID to enter the terminal facilities. 
  • Once the baggage checking is done, you will receive a confirmation SMS regarding the receipts of your luggage. Previously, this confirmation procedure was done on paper. 

Rules for going through airport security 

In every airport, there are security screening facilities through which you will have to go before boarding your flight. There is no reason to panic or worry during the time of checking as the security personnel follows a non-contact procedure while conducting physical checks on a passenger. You will only need to cooperate with them and follow all directives in an orderly manner.

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Rules to follow in the waiting area

After going through security checking, you can move on to the waiting area. In the waiting zone, you need to follow some of these guidelines that are given below:

  • Try to maintain physical distance from the rest of the passengers while you are in the waiting area. 
  • Avoid those chairs that are marked as ‘not for use’ to maintain a safe distance from others. 
  • If you want to visit Food and Beverage outlets, then be sure to follow proper social distancing and hand sanitization norms there as well. 
  • Discard all your napkins, tissues, gloves and masks in yellow-coloured disposable containers. 

Directories to follow for boarding the aircraft 

After the initial waiting, you can board the flight at the scheduled time of your plane provided. Here are some precautions that you should take while boarding the aircraft:

  • Before boarding the aircraft, you should collect face masks and sanitisers from the gate. 
  • In order to limit contact with airport staff members, passengers must try to scan their boarding passes.
  • Try to board the plane in an orderly manner, to avoid any commotion with other passengers. 

Things to follow after taking off the flight

It is important to follow the Covid-19 precautions even after the flight has taken off. Here are some things that you should follow to ensure protection against the virus:

  • Keep away from close interactions with people.
  • Leave the middle seat vacant in each row, to maintain physical distancing with other passengers.
  • Do not consume food during the flight. 

Thus, these are some important guidelines that you must follow post-Covid 19 travel to stay safe throughout the trip.  

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