Overnight Dessert Safari in Dubai

Among the many things to do in Dubai, the Overnight Dessert Safari is perhaps one of the most romantic. It combines the beauty of the desert and the experience of sleeping under the stars.

After a night in a Land Cruiser, guests will wake up to a breakfast of Arabic coffee and delicious pastries.

There’s something special about the desert, and this Dubai experience is sure to make your stay in the city romantic.

Overnight desert safari in Dubai

If you are interested in taking a safari in the desert, consider booking an A desert safari in Dubai over the course of an overnight. This trip is full of activities, from camel rides to dune drives. Some tours also include sand skiing and sandboarding.

You can also take photos of the desert landscape and enjoy shisha and live shows. A traditional Arabian meal is also included in an overnight desert safari. The tour operator will decide the exact ingredients of your breakfast, but you can expect Arabic coffee and fresh dates.

For those who love adventure, an overnight safari in Dubai will make the experience even more memorable. You will spend the night in a tent or vehicle, and explore the Arabian desert in the dark. The desert is so beautiful that you will wake up to the sound of the humming of camels and the smell of sand dunes. After a long day of exploring the desert, you will wake up refreshed and ready to take on the next adventure.

Platinum Desert Safari in Dubai

If you are looking for a desert safari in Dubai, you’ll be delighted to know that there are a variety of different options available. Platinum Heritage, a family-owned company, has been providing top-notch safaris in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve for over 25 years.

Its vehicles are modern, high-end Range Rovers that can accommodate four passengers each. The safaris are supervised by licensed conservation guides and use solar-powered Bedouin camps.

Each vehicle is equipped with a stainless steel water bottle, traditional headgear, and a souvenir bag. Guests can also be accompanied by a Conservation Guide which provides a wealth of information on the history and natural habitat of the desert.

If you want an authentic desert safari Dubai experience, the Platinum Desert Safari is the perfect option. The company will take you on a range of activities, including a Range Rover drive and photo stops at Ghaf tree forest and a desert lake.

The experience also includes a falcon show and some treats, such as date juice and strawberries. If you’re looking for a unique way to experience Dubai’s desert wildlife, Platinum Desert Safari offers an exclusive experience that will make your trip all the more memorable.

Desert safari in Dubai with a Land Cruiser

When you visit Dubai, one of the most popular activities you can take is a Desert Safari with a Land Cruiser. This experience is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

You can explore the sand dunes of Dubai with your Land Cruiser, and you can also enjoy fun activities like camel rides. The driver will stop at different campsites to let you enjoy these activities. You can also book the Desert Safari online before you leave on your trip.

One of the most memorable activities on a Desert Safari in Dubai is dune bashing. A Land Cruiser will speed up and down the tallest sand dunes. During this thrilling experience, you can even take some amazing photographs of the sunset.

The Land Cruisers used during this tour are 1950s vintage Land Rovers, which have become a symbol of Dubai’s heritage. The tour will last around 45 minutes, and it will give you the chance to take a picture of this iconic landmark.

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