Royal Holiday Vacation Club: Making Travel Safe

The challenges of the pandemic made travel more complicated. With stringent rules and regulations in place, travelers who were used to breezing in and out of airports to their vacation destination now have to go through mandatory safety and health protocols. Fortunately, with the lifting of restrictions and widespread vaccination programs, it is much easier and relatively safer to start traveling again. However, there are still safety and security considerations that every traveler must keep in mind.

Tips for Keeping Safe While Traveling

Know Your Destination

Having in-depth knowledge about your destination is important to ensure that you know what to expect. This is especially true if you are traveling out of state or to a foreign country. Certain practices and traditions of the local population, for example, have to be observed by visitors and tourists.

There are also safety and security issues that must be considered. Look for information about your destination from reliable sources. Know which neighborhoods or areas are safest, which hotels are best for your preferences, and which spots are the most interesting. Check the tourism website of your destination for advice as well.

Gather Emergency Contacts

Save emergency contacts on everyone’s phones. This should include local emergency contacts and local police numbers. These contacts are available at the consulate or embassy if traveling abroad. You could also write down or print these numbers so you have a hard copy you can access at any time.

Prepare Important Documents

Keep a copy of all essential documents such as passports, visas, prescriptions, and valid IDs in a pouch. It is also a good idea to scan your documents and keep them in an online drive that can be accessed in case you need a soft copy. Keep several hard copies of your documents with you but in separate locations, such as the luggage, wallets, purses, jeans or coat pockets, and carry-on bags.

Inform Close Family Members and Friends About Your Trip

Ensure that someone else knows where you will be at a specific date and time. Print out an itinerary and give it to a trusted individual who will be your contact person. Periodically check in with this individual through text, calls, or e-mails, so they know where you are, who you are with, and what you are doing.

Bring Personal Hygiene Products

Pack hand sanitizer and disinfecting sprays in portable containers, along with face masks and wipes. Some areas may not have these items on hand, especially if you are headed for a remote region. With health protocols in place in many regions, it is important that you have the tools you need to comply with the rules and keep yourself and those around you safe.

Check the Situation in Your Destination Before You Travel

Learn about the COVID-19 situation in your destination before going. Besides travel restrictions, you also need to know if the place is safe for you and your family. Be aware of any recent travel restrictions imposed, especially lockdowns.

Protect Yourself

Part of safe traveling means complying with requirements that are implemented in many areas, especially in public spaces. This means that wearing face masks is required, particularly when using public transportation, such as airplanes, buses, and taxis.

It is also important to ensure that your vaccines are up-to-date. Getting your vaccines will help ensure an extra layer of protection if you are exposed to disease-causing microbes.

If you are unvaccinated, make sure you undergo testing before and after traveling. If you are sick, consider rescheduling your vacation. There is always time for fun, but your health must come first.

Book Your Travel With a Reliable Company

Trusted travel companies will ensure that their clients are safe and secure during travel by implementing health and safety protocols. Most travel companies will comply with the minimum requirements, but some go the extra mile to ensure their clients’ safety.

How Royal Holiday Vacation Club Keeps You Safe

A picture of sanitizing and cleaning bottles ready to be used.

Before the pandemic, the Royal Holiday Vacation Club has always prioritized health and safety. In response to the current situation, they have added extra steps to their protocols to keep their holiday resorts and hotels safe for their guests. With their Safe Guest Program in place, Royal Holiday Vacation Club provides assurance that their guests are safe and protected and enjoy their vacation without worries.

Part of Royal Holiday Vacation’s protocol included in the Safe Guest Program is keeping the surroundings clean and sanitized – from public areas and bedrooms to walls and carpets. Every resort provides hand sanitizers and disinfectants in various areas for guests to use, and extra care is ensured that guests who stay in resorts are checked. Temperature checks are performed before entry to the resort, and social distancing is imposed.

Membership in Royal Holiday Vacation Club also brings several benefits. On top of having access to some of the best resorts and hotels in the region, guests also enjoy the assurance that their best interests are protected.

Resort staff undergo intensive training on health and safety guidelines and are ready to offer assistance to guests in need. Frequent sanitizing of surfaces is practiced to keep the environment clean and safe for guests to use. Guests also have access to 24/7 medical service in case of emergencies.

Although some rules and regulations are strict, they are only imposed to ensure that guests remain healthy during their stay. Guests can still enjoy the best accommodations in the country made even more exciting by top-notch service from the staff. Even with some restrictions, Royal Holidays Vacation Club offers the same five-star treatment that their loyal guests expect and deserve.

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