Some Facts to Clear about Personal Injury Cases Before Filing a Lawsuit

Personal injury cases may be common but not the same. Everyone faces different scenarios at the time of the accident and hence, different types of injuries are experienced. Depending on the extent and nature of injuries, cases vary from one another. It is vital to learn that a personal injury lawyer in Queens is the best person who can help you come out of a difficult situation. You should understand the basic facts about general personal injury cases. Some of these facts are:

Personal injury cases are not criminal cases

If you have been injured during an accident, you might feel that someone else has caused you an injury and should be punished. That’s why, you may start to consider filing a case under the criminal law. On the contrary, these cases are dealt with under civil laws. In most cases, the liable party has to pay medical expenses and other costs associated with injuries.

There is a time to file a lawsuit 

To minimize the false cases, the judicial system has set the timeline in which you can file a lawsuit and if you have passed that time, you will not be able to file your claim. A personal injury lawyer can help you understand the statute of limitations to be followed in a personal injury case.

You have an option to settle the case outside the court

If you don’t want to get into a legal battle, you can tell your attorney the same. He can get in touch with the negligent party or his lawyer so that you can agree to terms. This way, the matter can be resolved in a short time. Moreover, it will save you from a lot of hassles of getting into a legal battle for several months or even years.

Personal injury laws cover several situations 

 You will be amazed to learn that a personal injury case can have several situations. It is more than just getting injured during an auto accident. Some of these areas include slips & falls, a dog bite, medical malpractice, injury at the workplace, wrongful death and various others. It is highly recommended to contact your lawyer if you want to file a lawsuit. He will review the facts and decides in which category your case falls. 

Personal injury claims are complex and you need to hire a qualified attorney to get justice and fair compensation.

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