The Nomad Cube Brings the Promise of Fast, Wireless Internet to the Country

The Nomad Cube, a new wireless modem, can deliver high-speed internet access to travelers and rural residents. The device, built by Nomad Internet, offers consumers a budget-friendly option for reliable and fast access to websites, apps, streaming services, and more.

Powered by cutting-edge C Band technology, the Nomad Cube enables the delivery of full-speed internet access in places that were previously untouched by wireless signals.

“This is a solution for rural residents who are tired of slow and spotty internet,” said former Nomad Internet CEO Jaden Garza. “With the Nomad Cube, our customers can get online just as quickly and easily as if they were in the middle of the big city. There’s no lag for streaming television shows and movies. Your downloads happen in a flash. And, maybe best of all, it’s easy to use.”

Built specifically for people who live in rural areas, those who enjoy traveling in nature, RV enthusiasts, and others on the go, the Nomad Cube allows up to 30 devices to connect to the internet through its wireless technology. That includes streaming devices, like Roku and Apple TV, as well as cell phones, tablets, e-readers, gaming consoles, and more.

How it works

The Nomad Cube is able to deliver high-speed on multiple devices simultaneously because it’s one of the first modems to make effective use of C Band technology.

C Band is a form of 5G internet that can provide a premium connection using fewer cell towers than traditional web services. This means that areas that typically receive spotty or poor internet access, such as those far away from urban centers, can now experience higher speeds and better coverage.

But in order for that to happen, users have to own the right technology.

“We are very excited by the potential of what the Nomad Cube can do for our customers,” Garza said. “We’ve built our company around the belief in equal internet access, and the Nomad Cube brings us much closer to that reality. Now, you never have to worry about missing out on important emails or sacrificing your ability to stream your favorite shows and sporting events just because you took a vacation or happen to live in a rural area.”

The business difference

The Nomad Cube also appeals to business travelers and digital nomads who want to take their freelance or work-from-home job on the road. The lightning-fast speeds the modem allows make it easy to meet, share documents, edit reports, and conduct business online—no matter where you happen to be.

The device is also perfect for retail shops, gas stations, farms, and other businesses that serve rural customers or exist far away from city centers. With a better internet connection, business gets done faster.

It’s also a boon to those who have long been excluded from fully functional internet access. Through Nomad Internet’s Nomad Cube, people who live in less-settled areas will not have to rely on expensive and poor-quality connections. It brings the culture of the 21st century directly into rural homes.

The Nomad Cube can make life easier for those in rural areas who are hoping to stay on top of up-to-the-minute weather reports, read the daily news, keep current with your favorite program, or simply access the wealth of knowledge that exists online.

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