The Outdoor Adventure Experience

Engaging with the outdoor environments provide people with novel and stimulating experiences (Wagner, undated) and can meet their spiritual and emotional needs (Heintzman & Mannell, 2003). A large body of research supports the benefits of experiencing nature. For example, Catton (1971) described national parks as social playgrounds demonstrated by the significant human use of wildlands for recreational activities; while in Australia, beach and national parks continue to be among the most popular locations visited by international tourists (Tourism Australia, 2003).

Settings that include national parks, reserves, and protected areas offer the would-be outdoor adventure tourist an opportunity to connect with and experience remote and often pristine locations.

Outdoor adventure tourism is a new and emerging form of tourism so a clear understanding and knowledge of the phenomena is at an early stage (Beedie, 2003; Buckley, 2004). Much current knowledge has been sourced from studies of the adventure experience had by recreationists. For example, Hamilton-Smith (1993) argued that adventure was serious leisure because of the risk involved and the physical demands required in the activity. Similarly, Ewert (1989) distinguished outdoor adventurers by their level of commitment when engaging in high-risk activities.

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As we have discussed, the demand for adventure tourism activities is not confined to experienced and involved adventurers (Millington, Locke, & Locke, 2001). By providing necessary equipment, training, and instructor or guide expertise, the outdoor adventure tourist operator is better able to manage participants’ experience level and skill in the activity.Read more about Tamilmv

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Concluding Remarks:

Managed adventure tourism activities still provide immediate thrills and challenge, even for novices undertaking a highly controlled experience. Likewise, novice adventure tourists are routinely aware of dangers and experience fear and anxiousness (Morgan, 2002). It has also been suggested that adventure tourists can gain unanticipated benefits from the experience, such as self-insight and personal growth (Walle, 2001).

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