The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Honeymoon in Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations. It’s home to the most romantic resorts and restaurants. Plus, the country offers an array of adventures to couples of all sorts. Be it young couples or elderly ones. Be it introverted couples or extroverted ones. Jamaica has something interesting to offer everyone. In terms of natural beauty as well, it’s truly an arresting place.

In this post, we’ll share the best places to visit, the best food to try, and the best things to do in Jamaica. We’ll also guide you on how to plan your Jamaica honeymoon smoothly.

Best Jamaica Honeymoon Destinations

Jamaica is best known for its turquoise waters and sandy beaches. Some of the most popular Jamaican beaches are as follows:

  • Negril Beach
  • Montego Bay
  • Ocho Rios
  • Port Antonio
  • Treasure Beach
  • Runaway Bay

Amongst these Port Antonio is much less crowded than all others. You won’t find any all-inclusive resorts or luxurious places here. But there are a lot of water sports that you can explore.

Apart from the prominent beaches, there’s Kingston. It is a popular stay for honeymooners. It is home to several worth-visiting museums, art galleries, and shopping malls, and it is also near the Strawberry Hill Hotel and the Blue Mountains. Most couples stay here after landing at the Kingston International Airport for about a day or two.

Best Food to Try in Jamaica

Jamaica offers a wide variety of cuisines to try. You can try international cuisine as well as traditional ones. There are plentiful restaurants for both. However, we recommend opting for five-star restaurants only for safety purposes.

The following are some dishes that you ought to try during your Jamaica honeymoon:

  • Ackee and Codfish (Jamaica’s National Dish)
  • Oxtail
  • Curry mutton/goat/chicken
  • Run Down (Run Dun)
  • Brown Stew Chicken
  • Jamaican Red Peas Soup
  • Pepper Pot Soup

Apart from the main dishes, some finger-licking good Jamaican side dishes that you must try with your significant other are as follows:

  • Callaloo
  • Festival
  • Bammy
  • Breadfruits
  • Jamaican Patties
  • Stamp and Go
  • Mannish Water
  • Coco Bread
  • Toto

If you guys call yourself foodies, we recommend setting up a good budget for your food costs. Jamaica has a lot to offer and you’d find it difficult to shortlist all that you’ve to try.

Things to do in Jamaica

As mentioned earlier, Jamaica is best known for its waters. So, all the best things to do in Jamaica are water-related. You don’t have to be in the waters necessarily, but most recreational activities in Jamaica revolve around water.

Here are a few things you might want to have on your bucket list:

  • River Rafting at Rio Grande River
  • Cliff Diving
  • Jerk Chicken Cooking Class
  • Sightseeing (Museums, waterfalls)
  • Snorkeling
  • Sunset Catamaran Trip
  • Hiking (Blue Mountain)
  • Horse riding on sandy beaches

If you’re booking a luxury resort, you may have in-resort activities too, such as couple-based massages or soothing spa sessions.

How to plan your Jamaica Honeymoon?

Planning your Jamaica honeymoon may not be as simple as planning a honeymoon for other popular destinations. There’s quite a lot to see and experience in Jamaica. You may have a tough time narrowing down your options. So, we recommend beginning your planning phase with a budget. Once you have a budget, you’ll know your borderlines.

Choose a resort

Your choice of a resort will eat up a huge chunk of your budget. Depending on your mutual interests and consent, determine whether you’d like to book a luxury resort or you’d opt for a minimalistic hotel room. If you choose the latter, you’ll have a lot of budget for food and activities. But if you opt for a five-star luxury resort, it may take up 50 percent of your budget.

Choose an airline

We highly recommend couples opt for a safe but economical airline. Do not waste your honeymoon budget on booking business class or premium services. Some of the best and most reliable airlines operating in Jamaica are British Airways, American Airlines, Air Canada, and US Airways.

Plan Activities or Go All-Inclusive

After that, create a list of activities that you can and must do during your stay in Jamaica. Do not leave things for the eleventh hour. You might not be able to make the best of your honeymoon days.

If the wedding is only 2-3 months away, we recommend going all-inclusive. It cuts down your research work by half.

Final Words

The guide above aims to give you a lead on how to go about the planning process of your Jamaica honeymoon. Follow it in order, and you shall be good to go. Summing up things to do and places to visit in Jamaica may be a bit time taking, but it’s not too difficult. Do not overcomplicate things, and you should be good to go.

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