Tips for Choosing a Knife for Walking, Climbing, Mountaineering and Expeditions

If you’re an outdoorsy person that loves to hike, climb, explore and try out new adventures in nature, you’ve probably asked yourself a very valid question: “Should I carry a knife with me?” The answer is most likely yes, because a knife is a great tool for outdoor adventures. But depending on what you’re doing and where you’re going, you need to pick the best tool for your needs. So here’s a little guide that will help you choose the best knife that will serve as your trusted companion through thick and thin.

Hiking and walking

Most commonly, people can finish their short walk or hike without a knife, but in case you want to peel an apple or necessity to cut some tape to take care of your blisters, such a tool comes in very handy. Usually, a small Swiss army blade will contain everything you need and be practical to carry in your pocket. If your hike takes more than a day, having a knife will allow you to be a little more creative with meals and actually chop up some wild garlic and mushrooms you’ve hunted along the way. A Swiss knife is famous for its additions like a tin opener, corkscrew, screwdriver and even tiny scissors, so you’ll be able to handle a variety of tasks, but keep in mind that your blade is very small.

Climbing and mountaineering

If you’re going bouldering somewhere near your home with well-made trails and single pitch routes, you can get away without a knife. But as soon as you decide to venture onto multi-pitch climbs and some serious mountains, then you need to have a sharp knife that’s easy to handle in your pocket at all times. The main use for this knife would be to cut your cords, so you need something automatic. Your best choice of OTF automatic knives are models that can easily be activated with one hand. Thanks to their innovative double-springed sliding mechanism, handling is easy and safe. And since you don’t need a huge blade, you can invest in a tiny knife that can be worn on your carabineer or your belt loop.

When mountaineering in winter, it’s important to have a multi-tool in your pack. Something with pliers can be very useful in case you have to repair your crampons.


If you’re going camping in nature away from the state-monitored campground, you need a few quality knives to carry with you. Camping involves a bunch of different activities from setting up a tent to placing furniture, cooking food, foraging, hunting for fish or animals and keeping your campsite safe from any intruder. It’s easy to see why you might need a good knife. Having a practical Swiss army model is always good, but you also need a bigger blade for preparing food, gutting fish and clearing out your site. If you have a heavy-duty knife with a 5.25″ blade (13 cm), you’ll be able to cut wood, split it like with a hatchet and do any other hard work around camp. Some of these knives also come with a sharpening stone, a ferrocerium rod and striker, and a safe and secure sheath that will make carrying these beasts easier.

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Multi-day expeditions

For extended journeys and exploration objectives that require spending multiple nights in the wild away from civilization, you will need some serious multi-tools. No matter if you’re making a journey to the Himalayas, climbing a Kilimanjaro peak or taking any other trip that involves extensive wear and tear to your equipment, having a repair tool is a good idea. There are many things that might need fixing: stoves, crampons, rucksacks and tents. A multi-tool with pliers, scissors and different screwdriver sizes will come in handy in all situations. These are strong and reliable, but also heavy. Luckily, there are “skeletool” options that come with bit drivers so you can take bits you need for your particular equipment and know you’re set.

There’s no better feeling than exploring nature with nothing but your ingenuity to rely on. But to achieve a proper level of safety and comfort, having a good knife by your side is a great idea. These options above will be perfect for your hikes, camping trips and expeditions, so you can always relax and enjoy the experience. More Information Visit this site: f95zone

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