Top 10 Summer Vacations With Royal Holiday Vacation Club

When it comes to temporarily getting away from life’s hustles and bustles, the options have never been more exciting.  

Escapes with Royal Holiday Vacation Club occur in the mountains, cities, and beaches. However, wise and discerning Royal Holiday members are experts. They will not set foot in any location unless a place is established, exceptional, and well worth the trip.

Highlighted below are the top ten vacation destinations with Royal Holiday Vacation for a 10-day holiday extravaganza and a weekend getaway:

1. Cancún

Located on the Yucatán Peninsula and bordering the Caribbean Sea, Cancún is famous for its beautiful beaches and pulsating nightlife. Possibly the cream of the crop of the entire Caribbean, Cancún has been at the pinnacle of a Royal Holiday membership for decades on end.  

Even the fussiest travelers give them top billing, and they have even been given the Traveler´s Choice awards from TripAdvisor in 2020. Pack your bags and head to the Grand Park Royal Cancún or the Park Royal Beach Cancún, and you will certainly see what you have been missing in Cancún.

2. Acapulco

Backed by high-rise structures, this deep and semicircular bay is world-renowned and still just a plane ride away. Known for its legendary La Quebrada cliff, this beach resort town is miles ahead of the competition. 

The Park Royal Beach, located in Acapulco, boasts the most glorious views of the city while holding its own on a rocky cliffside to the southside of the bay. The panoramic views are invaluable. In addition, the breathtaking sunsets pay homage to your good taste in choosing this spectacular destination.

3. Cozumel 

A picture of a couple exploring the beach in their Jeep in Cozumel, Mexico on their Royal Holiday Vacation Club vacation.

Cozumel is the biggest and one of the most incredible islands in the Mexican Caribbean. Make the necessary plans to head to the isle to soak in the sea breeze, tranquility, and the delightful all-inclusive food offerings at the Grand Park Royal Cozumel. 

This remarkable resort has a buffet restaurant and three specialty restaurants, all beaming with tastebud-enticing eats. In this piece of paradise, you will not need anything, just relaxing and regrouping.

4. Ixtapa 

Ixtapa is a beach resort located along the Pacific Coast in the Mexican state of Guerrero. Not only is Park Royal Beach the top family resort along this stretch of unspoiled beach, but it is a once-a-year holiday destination for a multitude of dedicated return guests.  

A coast as immaculate and exclusive as the yachting society that calls it home, it is also a secure and private vacation destination for adventure-loving guests from all across the globe.

5. Huatulco

The Oaxaca coast is quite the inviting setting for thrilling summer vacations, a coast of nine extraordinary bays, and a largely undiscovered surfing village. 

This expansive all-suites resort stands ready to welcome Royal Holiday Vacation members to a memorable escape that cannot be compared to any other. Overlooking a Huatulco eco-vacation adventure, the Park Royal Beach Huatulco offers a family resort’s opulence on an expanse of the incredible Pacific coast.

6. Los Cabos

Separating the Gulf of California from the Pacific Ocean, the Baja Peninsula provides a perfect mixture of ocean, sky, and desert. Members of the Royal Holiday Vacation Club return every year to experience glorious summer vacations.  

Some of the members stay for weeks to bask in the sea, sun, and whale sightings. The Park Royal Homestay in Los Cabos is simply the most comfortable destination to relax on a yearly vacation that will begin to feel quite like home.

7. Playa Del Carmen

A mere 60 minutes away from Cancun stands the Riviera Maya, which always stands ready to welcome guests on summer vacations to an extended stretch of the immaculate Caribbean coast.  

Members of the Royal Holiday Vacation Club flock to the Grand Riviera Princess, a world-class destination by any stretch of the imagination.  

What these guests receive is a whole world of imagination. There are mysterious, sunken cenotes and tons of wonders that extend to the horizon to ignite the flame of adventure.

8. Mazatlán

This city in Mexico is a place of absolute beauty renowned for its seafood scene, arguably just the tastiest feature of a vacation located along with the holiday headquarters of the Pacific coast. 

Taking in the boundless sun and golden sand, visitors to the Park Royal Beach Mazatlán, have first-hand access to a cultural, historical, and musical capital that rivals any coast.

9. Punta Cana

This Caribbean haven in the beautiful Dominican Republic keeps getting better and better for many Royal Holiday Club merrymakers in search of unforgettable summer vacations. 

The Grand Bávaro Princess resort provides stunning accommodations, complete with what could be the most renowned beach on the isle.  

In addition, there is access to a turquoise ocean, powder white sand, and the cooling wind blowing through your hair, making the setting ideal for relaxation and adventure.  Make the necessary plans to explore this fascinating destination, and this could be the first of countless stays at a resort that can compete with any across the globe.

10. Puerto Vallarta

Located in Jalisco state along Mexico’s Pacific coast, Puerto Vallarta has been an annual destination for summer vacations going back years and years. The location is renowned for it is known for its nightlife scene, water sports, and beaches. 

Nowadays, grown-up guests indulge in the Grand Park Royal Puerto Vallarta, perched on the periphery of an emerald sea. 


With a spa and fitness center, sky pool, and Kids Club, few other places can be compared to this stretch of coast.  Check-in provides a start to limitless options.

This list encompasses some of the beautiful vacations await those who sign up for a Royal Holiday Vacation membership. For more destinations and travel information, visit their website and book today. 

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