Top 10 Ways Resort Vacation Properties Are Better than Hotels

There are over 700,000 hotels and resorts worldwide. This means travelers and vacationers have a lot of accommodation options!

Resort vacation properties offer numerous advantages over traditional hotels, making them an attractive option for many travelers. If you’re planning a trip to Orlando, Florida, for example, there are outstanding resorts near International Drive that provide exceptional accommodations, world-class attractions, and seamless access to the city’s most popular spots. To learn more about these luxury resorts and all they have to offer, check them out for a comprehensive guide. By choosing a resort vacation property, you’ll elevate your travel experience and create lasting memories in style and comfort.

Many travelers opt to stay in hotels out of reflex or because of the very few resorts with bad reputations. But in reality, there are so many great resort vacations to go on. And there are tons of benefits of staying in resort vacation properties over hotels.

You could end up having more exciting experiences and wonderful memories on a resort vacation than you would in a hotel.

Not convinced? These top 10 reasons why resorts are better will help give you a whole new perspective.

1. Locations Are More Picturesque and Rural

Hotels are often located downtown in major cities, airports, or in random places close to major highways with nothing else around them.

Sure, downtown can be a great location if you want to be near museums, restaurants, and other sights. But they can also have sketchy neighborhoods that you would not feel safe walking through at night. And you would not want your kids to hang around there.

Resort vacation properties are almost always in the most picturesque, serene locations. They are often by beaches, national parks, mountains, or woodland, just like the accommodations in Hilton Head vacation rentals.

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2. All-Inclusive Meals and Drinks Is an Option

Budget hotels might offer you a vending machine if you are lucky. Some offer breakfast for an extra charge and others have one or two on-site restaurants.

But many resort vacation properties offer you the option of all-inclusive meals and/or drinks. This allows you to budget better for your vacation, and then you can relax while on your trip knowing you have pre-paid for everything.

While exploring the myriad of accommodation options for your upcoming trip, it is worth considering how resort vacation properties often surpass traditional hotels in terms of amenities, comfort, and overall experience. For couples planning a romantic getaway or newlyweds seeking a memorable honeymoon these properties provide an unparalleled level of luxury, privacy, and personalized service that cater to your specific needs. To gain insight into the top 10 ways resort vacation properties distinguish themselves from hotels and discover the exceptional vacation experiences awaiting you, we encourage you to visit this website and make an informed decision for your next unforgettable escape.

And that does not mean you only have one on-site restaurant to choose from. Most vacation village resorts have a range of eateries including food trucks and dessert stalls.

Some Disney vacation club resorts have self-catered options. These are still better than hotel rooms because you will have kitchen facilities. Vacation resorts offer you that choice.

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3. You Can Pay For Everything in Advance

And it is not only food that you can pay for in advance, but you can also book all your activities and excursions beforehand too if you like.

If you have a big family, this is an invaluable option that will allow you to budget for your vacation beforehand. Many vacation resorts, international and in the US, also offer payment plans.

Booking ahead also means you will know exactly what you are doing on your vacation and can get excited!

4. Resorts Cater To Vacation Travelers

One reason why resort vacation properties are better for vacationers than hotels is that resorts only cater to vacationers.

People stay in hotels for all manner of reasons. They could be business travelers, between homes, visiting family, or going to an event. That means hotels have a broader clientele and need to cater to no one in particular.

This means hotels can often be quite plain or lifeless.

Resorts are for vacationers which means they have friendly staff in vacation mode and everything is set up so that you enjoy an amazing break.

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5. Amenities and Activities Are Unbeatable

No one can beat vacation resorts for the sheer amount of amenities and activities they have. There is often no need to leave the resort for your entire two-week vacation. And chances are, you still wouldn’t find the time to do everything available!

Every resort is different, but here is a general list of the amenities and activities on offer:

  • Shopping
  • Hair salon and spa
  • Kids’ clubs and childcare
  • Fitness center
  • Many swimming pools
  • Many restaurants and bars
  • Concierge
  • Gardens and beaches
  • Water sports
  • Beach sports
  • Court sports

The list goes on and on. And resorts tend to offer all the essential amenities that hotels do like free toiletries and Wi-Fi.

6. Entertainment Is Non-Existent in Hotels

Your hotel might treat you to a jazz singer or a karaoke night if you are lucky. But resorts always have high-quality entertainment every night of the week.

They plan themed nights, live concerts, and talent shows with top performers and musicians. One night you could be watching a circus troupe perform stunning acrobatics and the next you could be hula-ing on the beach!

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7. Create Lasting Friendships With Guests

In hotels, some people are staying one night and others are there for a week. They often only use their hotel to sleep and shower and do not hang around. This leaves very little opportunity for you to meet people.

But in resorts, other vacationers are often staying for one week or more. They will also do the same activities and eat at the same restaurants. This means you are far more likely to make long-lasting friendships with like-minded people.

8. Offer More Space Than Hotels

Resort suites, family rooms in particular, often have huge bedrooms, a terrace, and a full-sized bathroom. Resorts also offer plenty of communal spaces.

Hotels often pack as many rooms as possible into the space available.

9. Offer More Privacy Than Hotels

And their space-saving tendencies mean you can often hear exactly what the person in the hotel room next to you is doing! Visit here to know about wyndham ownership for sale.

Resorts make privacy a priority. Your terrace is likely shielded by pretty shrubbery and if you are in a village resort, you will even stay in a separate building from the other guests.

10 Resorts Are the Vacation Destination

Some people travel to Orlando for the shopping malls, but most travel for the Walt Disney World resort. Resorts can be so spectacular that they are vacation destinations in their own right. You can go to the website, to know about it.

Search “vacation resorts near me” for your nearest one-of-a-kind resort.

Are Resort Vacation Properties Right for You?

These reasons should help you realize that most resort vacation properties offer far more than hotels for travelers. When going on a vacation, you want to relax, have great experiences, and feel like you are getting value for money. Resorts offer all this and more.

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