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Traveling to Iran for citizens of foreign countries is subject to terms and conditions, if they are followed, a person can easily get an Iran visa and travel to this beautiful country. Every year, a large number of people from all over the world apply for an Iranian visa, and most of them are approved if there are no specific problems. Because the political relations of some countries are not favorable, it is difficult for the citizens of these countries to travel to another country and get a visa for the destination country.

Iran visa

Iran visa for American citizen

American citizens can get 2 types of Iranian visas:

tourist visa

Traveling and having fun in Iran is one of the favorite things of Americans and an Iran tour has many fans among foreigners. For this reason, many Americans want to receive Iran’s tourist visa. The duration of this visa is 30 days, which can be extended for another month if the person wishes.

business visa

If an American person wants to get a work or business visa for Iran, he has to spend a little more time and go through more difficult and complicated procedures. This person should specify the complete information about the company he is going to work in, the area he will be involved in and other information. Also, the company in question should also follow up the process of obtaining the individual’s work visa in Iran.

Iran visa

Iran visa requirements for American citizens

As mentioned, Iranian tourist visas are issued for Americans only in the form of tourist tours. Issuance of Iran tourist visa has the following conditions:

  • Carrying the father’s consent for passengers under 18 years old
  • Determining the hotel where the person is staying and the list of places he is going to visit
  • Determine the time of entering and leaving Iran

Determining the passenger traffic routes completely, a person cannot travel from any other route than the routes he has specified. After the person’s travel plan is approved by the embassy, ​​a companion or leader is considered for him. This person will accompany the traveler from the beginning of his arrival in Iran until the end of the trip.

How to obtain Iran visa for American citizens

People who have the citizenship of the United States cannot get a visa by themselves, but must ask a reputable travel company to do it for them. Also, American citizens cannot travel to Iran using an airport visa, citizens of this country must obtain their visa before traveling, then travel to Iran.

Iran visa

Iran visa for British citizen

Because the political relations between Iran and England are not very good and these two countries do not have an ideal political relationship. Therefore, it is a bit difficult to get an Iranian visa for the British and also to get a British visa for the Iranians. British citizens who wish to travel to Iran can apply for an Iran visa. But they should know that this work will be a bit difficult and time consuming for them. The validity of Iran visa for British is 30 days and it is possible to extend it for another 30 days.

Types of Iran visas Iran visa for British citizens

Citizens of England can receive 2 types of Iran visas:

tourist visa

British nationals are very interested in traveling and having fun in Iran. Tourist visa is one of the most popular types of Iranian visas among British people. By obtaining an Iranian tourist visa, British citizens can stay in Iran for 30 days. Also, this visa can be extended up to 30 days and its issuance will be possible only in the form of tourist tours.

business visa

Getting an Iranian business visa is a bit complicated and difficult for English people. British nationals must explain the type of work, the company they want to work for and their position accurately and completely. This visa must be pursued through the Iranian company where the English person is going to work.

Iran visa conditions for British citizens

As it was said, Iran tourist visas for British people are issued only in the form of tourist tours. This tour must present its itinerary completely, accurately and clearly. Issuance of Iran tourist visa for British citizens has conditions that we mention below:

  • Passengers under the age of 18 must bring their father’s consent.
  • The hotel where the person is going to stay, as well as all the places he plans to visit, should be mentioned in the travel plan.
  • The time of entering Iran and the time of leaving it must be specified.

Even the passenger traffic routes must be clearly marked. Therefore, a person cannot travel on a route other than what he has mentioned in his travel plan. Once the Iranian embassy approves the travel plan of the applicant, it will consider a companion for him. This companion will always be with the passenger from the moment he arrives at the Iranian airport until the end of the trip.

How to get Iran visa for British citizens

People who have British citizenship should apply for an Iran visa through a reputable travel company. The number of companies in Iran that obtain Iran visa for British citizens, England, and the United States is very small. For this reason, the English person must first find a reliable travel company that does this, and then use it to get his Iran visa.

Iran visa for European citizen

There are different types of Iran visa for European citizen, the most common of which are medical visas and tourist visas. It is necessary for European citizens to have a passport to get an Iran visa.

Types of Iran visas

Iran visa types include the following:

  • Study visa
  • tourist visa
  • business visa
  • Government visa
  • Visa to visit relatives

Required Documents

Below are the required documents for Iran visa:

  • Scan the first page of the passport
  • 3*4 biometric photo
  • Scan of residence card
  • Complete the form on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • travel insurance

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