Trending Certification Courses To Boost Your Career

Learning has no specified age or time, and you can start the moment you want to upgrade yourself with any skill about your professional pursuits or to equip yourself with the latest technology. The most significant advantage of living in a digital era is that you have many options to explore and excel in your area of interest, all within your preferred place and convenient time.

When we talk about certified courses online, there is something for everyone to suit their area of interest. All you need is a smartphone or a laptop, an excellent network connection, and, of course, zeal within yourself to carry the study seamlessly with sheer dedication.

Although studying online can be challenging for millennials accustomed to conventional learning methods in physical classrooms all through their lives, we can only evolve if we adapt and go with the flow. Let’s check out some of the online degree courses that gained traction recently:

Machine Learning AI – This course imparts an understanding of machine learning algorithms to enable you to formulate data models and help in decision-making and planning. Post-graduates can select the diploma degree of this course, which will hardly take a year to complete. This certificate can quickly help land the job of AI engineer, business analyst, AI developer, etc.

Blockchain Technology Management – With the growing craze of cryptocurrencies, this certification can help you achieve good profiles like a blockchain consultant, blockchain network architect, or product manager in the blockchain. Online application-based training and offline workshops are provided to the students to learn real-world skills for managing a blockchain network.

Product Management – This course is the most talked about among professional courses lately. One can enroll in this certification program immediately after the 12th board. The system provides in-depth product development and planning training, monetizing strategies, data science involvement in product management, etc. Hence, you are ready to take on lucrative career opportunities in this domain, like associate product manager, product analyst, product marketing manager, etc.

Coding in Python, JAVA, JavaScript – If you are keen to learn programming languages and excel career-wise, it’s a daunting task to decide which one you prefer. So, let’s list down some of the top-rated coding syntaxes used by programmers worldwide:

  • Python – Used by around 80% of developers, it is known as the king of programming languages because it supports an extensive library of numerous applications. It is easy to learn and use and is preferred by many famous brands like Netflix, Spotify, etc.
  • JAVA – It is a platform-independent and object-oriented programming language used as one of the most trending technologies because it supports the latest features like AI, web development, Cloud applications, and others. Companies using it are Amazon, Flipkart, and Adobe.
  • JavaScript – It is the most preferred coding syntax for creating client-side web pages. It is used by companies like Microsoft, Uber, and PayPal.
  • Being platform-independent, easy to use, with enhanced productivity, and robust control over the browser

Many other fields in various domains, such as fashion, literature, and arts, provide certification courses online. Organizations recognize these courses in both public and private sectors for recruitment. So, all you need to do is give it a shot.

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