Vacation in Spring: how to dress your children?

Spring is very unpredictable since temperatures keep changing between 20 to 30 degrees in a day. Are you wondering how you should dress your children during such times? The secret is to dress the kid in layers because they can easily take them off as soon as the temperatures rise. A fleece jacket is light but enough to keep your child warm. To keep them even warmer, it would help if you dressed them with a sweater and a shirt under the jacket. This is incredibly workable with baby girl clothes, but you can still do the same with boys. In this review, you will find several tips on how best to dress your child in spring.

Tips on How to Dress Your Child in Spring

The Head

The sun can come in strong during springtime, and you want to protect your child’s head. A cotton hat will help your little one stay unharmed by the strong sun. It will leave them feeling comfortable and stylish. You can go an extra mile and choose a natural UV resistance sun hat; that way, your child’s skin will get more protection.

The Top

For starters, it’d be good if you threw in a vest. Your child can wear it as a top when it gets warm, and during cold moments, they can wear it under a jumper. Get a vest with great thermo-regulating properties that will keep your child’s body at a constant temperature throughout the day. You can also add a long-sleeve t-shirt for boys and girls and a short-sleeve shirt. As mentioned earlier, layering is important, and it’s good to work with clothes that are easy to remove and carry around.

The Outer Layer

For spring dressing, layering is essential because it can get chillier during the day. Get your child a fleece jacket or a jumper and have them wear it over the top layer. They can easily take off the jacket or jumper when it gets warmer. Ensure the jacket is light and not heavy. Wool jackets are the best because they are breathable, and your child will feel comfortable all day long. They are breathable, so your kid won’t overheat even when the temperatures go high. By the time the jacket gets warm enough, it means that the temperatures are a bit higher. The good news is that your child already has a vest or t-shirt under the jacket, so they can easily take it off. A light jumper will be a great idea if you want to avoid constant changing. Get one that is light but still warm enough.


Whether your child is a girl or a boy, it’s crucial you keep their lower body warm. For baby girl clothes, wool leggings are warm enough for cold weather but light and breathable that your kid won’t overheat. For boys, dress in heavy trousers, and khaki trousers are the best. Dress them in looser trousers during warm days to allow free air circulation.


Before you go out for spring shopping for your children, it would be a great idea to have these tips in mind. Approach the task from a good perspective, in the sense that you want your child warm enough when it’s cold and not overheat when it gets warmer.

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